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Kick Off the Grilling Season with Tools & Accessories  (4/16/2015)

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC (April 16, 2015) – Snowmelts and steadily rising temperatures beckon us outdoors to grill our food…and not just hot dogs and hamburgers.

“Consumers are barbecuing more unique foods all the time, creating healthier meals and adding grill-infused flavors to everything from pizza and calzones to appetizers and desserts,” said Marc Zemel, President, Blue Rhino Products US ( “New products from Blue Rhino’s family of brands tie into the trend toward more outdoor living and bringing cooking materials from the inside to the outside.”

Blue Rhino makes special moments in backyards, patios and homes across America possible through its industry-leading propane brand (, its Mr. Bar-B-Q® line of innovative, premier barbecue accessories and outdoor lifestyle tools (, and other outdoor living products including grills and fire pits.

Hershey's S’mores Grilling Accessories Bring Campfire Taste to Your Backyard
Blue Rhino has partnered with Hershey’s to create a distinctive line of Hershey’s S’mores grilling accessories for backyard barbecues, family camping trips and picnics. With the licensed grilling tools, backyard chefs can create beloved Hershey’s S’mores treats on the grill with less muss and fuss, and more fun. Hershey’s S’mores grilling accessories will be available in spring 2015 at mass and grocery retailers with suggested retail prices from $2.99 to $19.99.

New Hershey’s S’mores products include:

  • Grilling Basket: makes up to 4 yummy, gooey, chocolaty s’mores at a time; the long handle keeps everyone away from the flames
  • Melting Tray: grills up to 4 s’mores at a time; the tray sits on the grill and warms graham crackers and melts chocolate and marshmallows all at once, quickly and mess-free
  • Extension Fork: extends from 23 inches to 31.5 inches; for use over a campfire, grill or outdoor fireplace; safely roasts marshmallows for s'mores, but can also be used to cook hot dogs, flip burgers and more
  • Grilling Kit: includes Melting Tray, 2 Extension Forks and Grilling Basket

Mr. Pizza Brings a National Obsession Outdoors
Approximately 93 percent of Americans consume pizza at least once a month, and on average consume 46 pieces of pizza annually.* Now, pizza has gone gourmet and new trends in the way pizza is made, including grilling, have only made it more popular. With Blue Rhino’s new line of pizza grilling accessories under the new Mr. Pizza brand name, backyard chefs can bring the pizza party to the patio.

Mr. Pizza grill stones are made of cordierite, which is designed to provide a crisp crust and to perform much better than standard ceramic. While ceramic stones are intended for 400-500 degree oven temperatures and can crack when cold water is put on the hot plate (thermal shock), cordierite is designed to withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees and is just right for high-heat pizza grilling. Cordierite grill stones, which help spread heat evenly and cook pizza consistently and evenly, are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The stones are ready to use and do not need to be seasoned or conditioned.

Mr. Pizza products, which will be available in early spring at mass retailers, are priced from $4.99 to $24.99 and include:

  • 15” Cordierite Grill Stone and 7.5” Square Pizza Stone Tiles (2 or 4 pieces): great for individual pizza, flatbread, quesadillas, focaccia, calzones and baked goods
  • Cordierite Grill Stone Set: includes 15” Grill Stone, stainless steel Pizza Peel and Bonus Pizza Cutter
  • Pizza Peel: easily slides pizza, bread and baked goods off a stone on the grill or in the oven; keeps hand safely away from heat; crafted from natural bamboo
  • Cast Iron Deep Dish Grill Pan: perfect for grilling deep dish pizza, fish, vegetables and more; handles for easy on/off handling
  • Professional Pizza Cutter: cuts pizza quickly and cleanly like a pro; has a durable stainless steel blade; can also be used for sandwiches, calzones, quesadillas and much more
  • Gourmet Calzone Made Easy Kit: includes calzone press and two 7.5” square grid stone tiles: makes perfectly shaped calzones every time; simply place dough in press, add favorite fillings and press; perfect for pastries, beef empanadas and more
  • Cast Iron Garlic Roaster: cooks flavorful roasted garlic to perfection on the grill or in the oven; features vented roaster with a ring handle to easily lift lid; commercial grade cast iron distributes heat evenly to cooking surface; pre-seasoned and ready to use; trim top off the garlic bulb, add seasoning and cook for about 45 to 60 minutes; great on bread, pasta or to spice up any meal; holds one to two bulbs of garlic

Mr. Bar-B-Q Cast Iron Line Great for Grills, Camping, Tailgating and More
“Cooking foods on a cast iron pan can greatly expand your grilling options, since not all foods can or should be grilled directly on the grate,” Zemel says. “Cast iron is perfect for cooking delicate fish, small vegetables like mushrooms, stir fry, cobblers and much more on the grill.”

Mr. Bar-B-Q branded cast iron products are lighter in weight than traditional cast iron pans because they have cutouts in unique patterns to allow for the infusion of grill flavors, searing marks and drainage of excess grease. Other benefits of the Mr. Bar-B-Q commercial-grade cast iron products include:

  • Distributes heat evenly to the cooking surface
  • Retains more moisture in foods, making them tender and flavorful
  • Requires less oil for healthier dishes

Mr. Bar-B-Q’s cast iron products are pre-seasoned, ready to use and will last for generations. Food glides easily and no special utensils are needed to cook on it. Products range in price from $14.99 to $29.99, and will be available at mass retailers in spring 2015.

  • The product line, which comes with a lifetime warranty, includes:
  • Reversible Griddle with a grooved side: flip to the flat side for pancakes, French toast, frying eggs and more. Raised edges catch grease and prevent flare-ups
  • Oval Cast Iron Grilling Dish: perfect for grilling stir fry, pepper steak fajitas, shrimp scampi and more
  • Cast Iron Grill Pan: drains excess fat and grease for healthier eating
  • Cast Iron Topper perfect for seafood and vegetables so they don’t fall through the grate; raised edge for convenient spatula use
  • Deep Dish Cast Iron Pan features deep sides for pan roasting, braising, grilled cheese, macaroni & cheese, frittatas, corn bread, cobbler, casseroles and much more

More information on Blue Rhino’s full line-up of brands can be found at


About Blue Rhino
In 1994, Blue Rhino – named for the color of a propane flame and the endangered animal – launched America’s first branded propane tank exchange service. Today, Blue Rhino is more than propane, with a full line of products that create family time and special moments in the backyard, patio and home. Offering convenience, innovation and affordable luxury, Blue Rhino’s outdoor living products include grills, barbecue tools and accessories, patio heaters, firepits, fireplace accessories, mosquito traps, furniture/grill covers and more sold under such brands as Mr. Bar-B-Q®, Mr. Pizza™, Hershey’s S’mores, Endless Summer®, UniFlame®, Backyard Basics and SkeeterVac®. Blue Rhino’s leading propane exchange brand is available at more than 45,000 retail stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico and is based in Winston-Salem, N.C. Blue Rhino is a division of Ferrellgas, L.P. For more information, visit

Note to editors: To receive Blue Rhino product samples or images, please contact Cynthia Greenwood at 847-404-8404 or

* National Association of Pizzeria Operators