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Save $3 on Blue Rhino Propane Gas with Mail-In Rebate
Save $3 Mail-in RebateWe're confident that you'll love Blue Rhino, so here's a money-saving offer to get you started! The next time you need gas for your propane appliance, just print out this coupon and save!

The Proof of Purchase you’ll need to attach to the rebate can be found on the Blue Rhino tank wrap, to the left of the Blue Rhino logo along the bottom. Simply cut it out along the dotted line as shown and include it with your submission. Be sure to retain the rest of the package, as it provides valuable safety information. Here's what the proof of purchase looks like:

Blue Rhino gas tank proof of purchase

For rebate status, visit

Thank you for using Blue Rhino propane tank exchange!

Notice - Allow 6-8 weeks for processing. Limit one per household per calendar year. this certificate may not be assigned, sold, transferred, duplicated, or reproduced in any way. All submissions become the property of Blue Rhino and will not be returned.