What To Gift The Griller In Your Life This Holiday Season

Holiday Grilling Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to make your list and check it twice! And if you’re like many people, chances are, there’s always at least one person on your gift list who’s difficult to buy for. Fear not! Blue Rhino is making it easier for you this year with our ultimate gift guide for the Grill Master, Griller-In-Training, and the Griller-To-Be!

The Wish List

No matter what your grilling skill level, everyone needs a good set of tools. The last thing you need is a set of tongs that falls apart after one barbecue. We’ve put together a wish list that will help any griller pull off a successful celebration.


Stainless Steel Toolset

Stainless Steel Toolset First, you need to start with a good, sturdy, grilling toolset. This is a great kit that will last for years! It’ll help brand new grillers get started, and grilling pros will use it to replace those worn out tools they’ve been using for years. Plus, stainless-steel is easy to clean and lasts for a long time, so it’ll be a gift that keeps on giving.


Non-stick Grilling Skillet

Non-stick Grilling Skillet This is a great accessory that’ll get a lot of use. It’s great for grilling vegetables because it’ll keep them from falling through the grill grates but still allows that barbecue flavor through. Or use it to grill delicate items like fish or other types of seafood. The non-stick surface will keep food from sticking to the grill and falling apart which is definitely not the presentation you’re going for!


Grilling Glove

Grilling Glove Blue Rhino is all about grilling safety, and one way to stay safe is to protect your hands from the grill’s high temperatures! This glove is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and features rubber grippers on the outside to help you grab hot skewers or pan handles with ease. It’s a great way to show your friends and loved ones that you love their passion for grilling, but also care about their safety.


Silicone Brush Basting Bottle w/ Storage Cap

Silicone Brush Basting Bottle w/ Storage Cap Many great grilling recipes call for basting or glazing the food with some type of sauce. This basting bottle eliminates the mess! Finally, you can ditch your old bristle brush and that little bowl you’ve been using for years. You simply fill the bottle with your favorite sauce, turn it over, squeeze some of the sauce out onto the brush, and use it to apply the sauce directly to meat, vegetables and more. It even includes a cover so you can store any sauce that you have leftover. It can also help prevent cross-contamination.


Wood Chip Smoker Box

Wood Chip Smoker Box Maybe your favorite griller has been begging for a smoker. Did they know there’s an easy to turn their gas grill into one? This smoker box can bring that smokey flavor directly to your grill. It’s made of durable stainless steel, so it’ll also be easy to clean. And, you won’t have to find a spot for a smoker in your back yard.


Cast Iron Press

Cast Iron Press Hot spots are something every griller deals with from time to time. It can make it difficult to evenly cook certain types of foods. But this tool will help you more evenly distribute heat and keep your food from curling while it cooks. You can use it with burgers, grilled sandwiches, steaks, chicken, and more! Who knew such a small device could produce such amazing results!


Grilling in Style

So maybe the griller in your life has enough tools in their toolbox but could use some new swag. Check out some great options below or visit the Blue Rhino Gear Store for even more variety!


"Grill Expert" Adult Apron

Grill Expert Adult Apron Protect your clothes while you barbecue. This apron features your favorite Blue Rhino manning the grill like a boss. It’s the perfect accessory for any Blue Rhino propane enthusiast!


"Keep Calm, Grill Out" T-Shirt

Keep Calm, Grill Out T-Shirt Make sure the griller in your life is dressed in style. This t-shirt shows the world that, yes, they are indeed the king or queen of the barbecue! This is one of those pieces they’ll reach for again and again!


For Future Grillers

"Future Griller" Toddler T-shirt

Future Griller Toddler T-shirt Start ‘em young, they say! If Mom or Dad is an avid griller, this toddler shirt makes a great gift! It’s a soft, cozy t-shirt with the iconic Blue Rhino on the front.


"I Got Gas" Baby Bodysuit

I Got Gas Baby Bodysuit Add a little humor to your holiday gift list with this onesie. It’s guaranteed to provide a good chuckle when your family gets together for the holidays!


Don’t Forget the Activities!

Cornhole Set

Cornhole Set Amazing food is the selling point of any good barbecue, but you can’t forget about all the fun outdoor activities! Cornhole is a great, family-friendly game for people of all ages and skill levels. You can encourage some healthy competition among family and friends, or just let the kids run around and try to drop the beanbags into the holes on the boards. However you play, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the great outdoors with your favorite group of people.


Patio Heater

Patio Heater Extend your grilling season by gifting your favorite grill aficionado with a patio heater. Just one tank of Blue Rhino propane can keep the chill out of the air on those cool evenings. Plus, it’ll give a certain ambiance to your backyard, patio, or deck that can’t be beat.


Fuel Up!

Of course, you can’t do much grilling if you run out of propane! Consider using our Home Delivery service, available in select markets. A fresh Blue Rhino tank may not fit on Santa’s sleigh, but we’ve got you covered! We’ll bring it right to your doorstep, saving you valuable time during the busy holiday season.

Or, while you’re out shopping, you can pick up a propane tank yourself at a store near you. Just use our propane finder to locate a retailer near your home. Don’t forget to get an extra tank so you don’t run out during your big holiday celebration!


Happy Holidays!

We want you to know how thankful we are for you – our customers! Thank you for using Blue Rhino to fuel your backyard memories throughout the year. We wish you a safe, healthy holiday with many warm, happy memories!


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