Blue Rhino Razor Portable LP Gas Griddle

Model: GGC2030L

The Blue Rhino® 2 burner portable Razor™ griddle grill has plenty of room to cook all your favorite foods; perfect for backyard barbecues, camping and tailgating. With the integrated front access drain and cup, cooking and clean-up is a snap. The versatile cooking surface is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner while the unique mobile cart design makes it easy to folds for storage or transportation. With a side shelf and attached lid you can prep and cook.

Blue Rhino Razor LP Gas Griddle

Model: GGC1643L

Versatility is the Razor's middle name. With this griddle in your backyard, you can cook just about anything you want. Yes, you can still grill burgers, steaks and chicken - but with the Razor, you can cook foods that are hard on a regular grill. Like eggs, pancakes, veggies, and so much more. It's like bringing a whole restaurant to your backyard.

Blue Rhino Razor Portable LP Gas Griddle

Model: GBT1860L

A griddle doesn't have to be stationary. That's the beauty of the portable Blue Rhino Razor griddle! You can take this Razor, which is designed for ease of transport, just about anywhere so you can enjoy the versatility of cooking on a griddle wherever you want. Cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack at the spot of your choice. 

Blue Rhino Razor LP Gas Griddle

Model: GGC1643B

Ever seen a short order cook at work? Or a chef in a Japanese restaurant? Those professionals usually cook on griddles. Now you can enjoy the flexibility of a griddle and cook just about anything you want - outside - with the super sized Razor griddle by Blue Rhino. This griddle will help make you a legendary chef, whether you are camping, tailgating, or your cooking at home.

Blue Rhino Disposable Razor® Grease Cup Liners

Model: 1422120

Don’t let greasy messes stop you from enjoying the endless possibilities of your 4-Burner Blue Rhino® Razor® Griddle. These Razor® Grease Cup Liners fit perfectly into your Blue Rhino® Razor® Griddle grease cup so you’ll never have to fuss over scrubbing the removable cup. Disposable for hassle-free use, you’ll keep your grease cup looking new.

Blue Rhino Cast Iron Press

Model: 1422124

Curling and unevenly cooked meat is a thing of the past with the Blue Rhino® Cast Iron Meat Press by Mr. Bar-B-Q®. Made of high quality cast iron, your meat press is durable and perfect for both grills and griddles alike. Regardless of what you’re cooking it will keep your meat flat on the grill grates or griddle top for even heating and flawless taste.

Blue Rhino Smash-A-Burger Griddle Press

Model: 1422123

If you love a good burger, but want to cut down on the cooking time, this Blue Rhino® stainless steel Smash-A-Burger Press by Mr. Bar-B-Q® is just what you need. It's designed to press ground meat, veggie burgers and fish cakes into thin patties, cooking evenly and saving you time. Use it on flat tops and griddles and the flat surface of the press will minimize sticking and also makes it easy to clean.

Blue Rhino Griddle Basting Cover

Model: 1422122

Struggle no more when trying to get that perfectly melted cheese. The Blue Rhino® Griddle Basting Cover by Mr. Bar-B-Q® is the perfect way to quickly and easy melt cheese or get crisp steamed vegetables without ever leaving your flat top griddle.

Blue Rhino Griddle Scraper

Model: 1422121

Designed to easily remove burnt-on, caked-on residue, this Blue Rhino® Griddle Scraper by Mr. Bar-B-Q® has everything you need to proactively maintain your griddle for a long time. Sharpened stainless steel blades for even and thorough cleaning. Lightweight aluminum for easy handling and a comfort handle for a relaxed grip.


Blue Rhino 5 PC Griddle Tool Set

Model:  919490​

It's impossible to be unprepared for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the Blue Rhino® 5 Piece Griddle Tool Set by Mr. Bar-B-Q®. Oil, clean or season your griddle with the included clear squeeze bottles that make dispensing your favorite sauces or marinades mess-free. The steel chopper/scraper will help you dice and chop your way to a delicious meal and then conveniently scrape your griddle clean when you're done with no extra tools to wash. As if one long surface steel blade spatula wasn't enough, now you're getting two to flip your food easily with no hassle.

Blue Rhino Razor Premium Cover

Model: 916729

Not all griddle covers are the same. Be sure to protect your Razor® Griddle with this Premium Cover by Blue Rhino®. Made of high quality material, this cover will protect your griddle from the elements while the dual buckles will keep it firmly in place.

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