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Add S’more Fun to Your Next Cookout!

Nothing is s’more fun than gathering around during the summer and making one of the most delicious treats out there. The simple combination of Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate can satisfy any sweet tooth, and will have you craving s’more! Having been around for decades, s’mores are a tried and true tradition unlike any other, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be innovative with them. Check out these fresh takes on a summer classic and feel free to mix in your own twists along the way!


S’mores over the grill

You don’t need to go through the hassle of building a campfire to enjoy s’mores. Using your grill to make this sweet treat has never been easier. Begin by setting your grill up for indirect cooking over medium heat. Place several Graham crackers on your grill's top rack. Be generous here, especially if you’re feeding others. The s’more, the merrier! Next, add a piece of chocolate on top of each cracker and let it melt. While the chocolate begins to spread and cover the Graham cracker, grab a skewer and stick a few marshmallows on it. Then, as your grill is still hot, hold the skewer over the heat until your marshmallows reach your desired look and texture. Don’t worry, we won’t judge those of you who like your marshmallows on the charred side! Once these steps are complete, place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate-covered Graham cracker and use another cracker to slide it off the skewer. There you have it: s’mores on the grill.


The s’mores recipe for chocolate lovers

If the idea of the classic s’mores recipe can’t satisfy your sweet tooth, it might be time to take it up a notch! This one is for those choco-holics who can’t help but crave chocolate at any given moment. No type of chocolate is off limits for this s’more recipe. Start by gathering an assortment of chocolate bars that can be broken down into bite-sized pieces that will fit on your Graham cracker. If you’re a fan of peanut butter, the simple and most delicious solution to your new s’mores recipe will be the addition of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Once the cups melt over the cracker, each bite you take will be filled with an appetizing and rich peanut butter chocolate flavor. But don’t stop there! Get a few more crackers and create several s’more versions, including white chocolate, peppermint patties, caramel-filled chocolate, and any other tasty treat you can find in the candy aisle. If that still isn’t enough for you, finish off your s’mores by drizzling a generous amount of chocolate sauce over them.


Get crazy with it!

You’ve found a way to mix in different chocolates, but what if you went the extra mile to make the ultimate s’more? Turn your backyard barbecue into the Wild West by combining flavors you’d never thought you’d taste in s’more form! Since you already have a grill at your disposal, try making bacon on it and creating “The Hipster” s’more. Once you’ve melted dark chocolate over your Graham cracker, toss a strip of cooked bacon on there, and add a sprinkle of sea salt before topping it off with your roasted marshmallow and the top cracker. We guarantee this fusion of flavors will rock your world!


You can also turn your s’mores into an upscale dessert by substituting the Graham crackers for pizza dough. In just a few steps, you can create a delicious Flatbread S’mores recipe made to share with family and friends!

There are plenty of ways to add s’more fun to your next barbecue! Check out the S’mores Menu below for more inspiration on how to make this classic dessert your own.

S'mores Menu

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