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Bring the Heat for the Holidays

For as long as we can remember, friends and family have gathered around the dinner table during the holiday season to share stories, laughs, and most importantly, delicious meals. That’s why Blue Rhino is here to help you plan a few grill-friendly holiday feasts that are sure to impress. Whether you love turkey, ham, veggies, sides or desserts, the recipes below will give you mouthwatering spreads that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. So fire up that grill this winter and start sizzling!


Get the Best Out of Your Bacon

We don’t have any scientific evidence, but it’s a well-known fact that everything tastes better with bacon. That’s why we’re introducing some recipes that are sure to win over the hearts – and stomachs – of all bacon lovers. At Blue Rhino, we’re all about getting creative with bacon, and there’s plenty of ways to incorporate it into your next meal. Whether it’s laying on top of a juicy burger, wrapped around a hearty piece of meat, or stuffed into vegetables, bacon can be the perfect complement to just about every dish. So, toss some bacon on the grill and start creating these appetizing plates with a little sizzle on Bacon Day.

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