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It's not just propane. It's Blue Rhino.

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Chef grilling on a propane standup grill, with sweepstakes text overlayed on the image.

Celebrating 30 Years

Enter for a Chance to become our "Chief Grilling Officer" and Enjoy a BBQ Masterclass for 30 friends.

We're thrilled to invite you to enter our exclusive sweepstakes, where you could be the lucky winner of our "Chief Grilling Officer" title.

The grand prize also includes an unforgettable BBQ masterclass for you and up to 30 friends. Embrace the sizzle of success with Blue Rhino – where passion meets perfection in grilling for 30 years and beyond. Enter now for a chance to savor the taste of victory and become the ultimate grill master!

Closeup of a standup propane grill's cooking grates with grilled food on them and a hand with tongs turning some of the food over.

12 Grilling Recipes to Try During National Barbecue Month

Celebrate National BBQ Month with Blue Rhino! We've got 12 grilling recipes for you to try. Read on to check out these mouth-watering dishes.)


Blue Rhino Propane Exchange

Empty standard grill tank with arrow pointing down and the word "Drop" next to it.

DROP empty tank beside display

Empty standard grill propane tank on the left side, fresh Blue Rhino propane tank and the right side, arrow pointing to both tanks in between them. Word "Swap" next to them.

See store employee to SWAP empty tank for Blue Rhino

Fresh Blue Rhino propane tank on the right side, the word "Go" on the left side and an arrow pointing to the right, in between them.

GO enjoy your Blue Rhino propane tank

The Hero of Every Cookout

Blue Rhino propane is more than just fuel. It's great moments around the grill and good times spent outdoors with friends and family.


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Want to sell Blue Rhino propane at your retail store? Join the herd, and be part of America's leading propane brand—bringing Blue Rhino's dedicated customers directly to your business.

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