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Blue Rhino Introduces Home Delivery

Man in a Blue Rhino shirt, lifting a fresh ready-to-grill Blue Rhino tank out of the back of a pickup truck.

A lot can change over the course of three decades. In 1994, Blue Rhino entered the market as the answer to what many grilling enthusiasts were searching for – a convenient propane brand found at retail stores they could trust to carry out their cookouts. Fast forward to today, and Blue Rhino continues to put customers at the forefront of their innovative approach. With convenience a top priority for those looking for a fresh tank in 2021 and beyond, backyard grillers are now asking, “Is it possible to get propane delivered right to my doorstep?” In one word; yes. Blue Rhino is now able to boast a service that makes firing up the grill that much easier. Enter Blue Rhino Home Delivery.

With many of us spending more time at home, grilling and backyard adventures have never been more in style. Casual enthusiasts and grill masters alike are increasing the number of meals made outdoors, which means propane is in high demand as a cooking and outdoor heating fuel. On top of that, in our increasingly digital world, delivery reigns supreme. You can get just about anything delivered to your doorstep, and now, propane from our quality and trusted brand is no exception.


How Does Blue Rhino Home Delivery Work?

The process to get one or more of our fresh Blue Rhino tanks delivered to your home is simple and convenient. Begin by checking the availability of Blue Rhino home delivery in your ZIP code by visiting our Home Delivery page on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You can then choose to exchange your empty tank or receive a tank without exchanging. Payment is easily made after indicating the type of location and providing instructions on where to leave the fresh tank. Within 48 hours of placing your order, from Monday through Saturday, you can expect your fresh tank to be delivered right to your chosen location. Deliveries will not be made on Sundays or major holidays.


What Markets Offer Blue Rhino Home Delivery?

After successful pilot programs, we are adding home delivery services to areas across the country on an ongoing basis. To find out if your city or surrounding area has home delivery availability, visit and click on the Check Availability button on the homepage. If Blue Rhino Home Delivery is not available in your region, please feel free to provide your details on our Notification page, and we’ll you know when you can get your favorite brand of propane brought to your front door. You can also find answers to any additional questions you may have about this service by visiting our Home Delivery FAQs page.


Choose Blue Rhino to Fuel Your Next Cookout

For years, Americans have trusted Blue Rhino with their cookouts and backyard ventures. A fresh tank from us represents endless possibilities for our customers. Whether it’s the many recipes you’ve been waiting to try on your grill, or the atmosphere created by sitting around your fire table, Blue Rhino is always the centerpiece. If home delivery isn’t available in your area just yet, you can visit our Propane Finder for a list of stores near you that carry Blue Rhino. Several of these retailers also offer Blue Rhino as part of their “Buy Online and Pick Up in Store” service, a convenient and time-sensitive way to get the fuel you need.

We look forward to helping keep your grill hot all year round, Rhinos!

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