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Building Your Dream Backyard

Building Your Dream Backyard

By all accounts, most backyards are designed to be a spot for entertainment. The kids and the dogs can roam free while you relax on the deck or grill up some of your favorite meals. But most homeowners will agree that there’s always another project they want to tackle to help create their dream backyard space. Whether you need an entire makeover, or you’re just a few pieces away from the perfect hang-out spot, check out these tips and items to get you one step closer to the ultimate backyard.

Start with Style and Budget in Mind

Big or small, start with a stylistic vision for your backyard. Ask yourself what the primary function of the area will be and plan around that. Do you anticipate plenty of guests, or is this a space meant to unwind after a long day? These questions will direct you to stylistic and budgetary choices for the space. Don’t be afraid to infuse your own touches into the area as well. It’s important to make the backyard feel like an extension of your home, rather than an add-on. Finally, once you’ve considered your options, go online or take a preliminary visit to some of your favorite home improvement stores to figure out a price range for the items you want. In addition to home improvement stores, there are also specialty retailers that can help you design and install anything you pick out for your backyard. You can find a list of these retailers through the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association website.


Must-have Backyard Accessories

No two backyards are created equal, but there are a few threads that tie the best ones together. Finding backyard gadgets and accessories to fill out your space will ensure there will never be a dull moment spent there. Of course, no backyard is complete without a grill. They don’t call them backyard barbecues for nothing, and having a grill at your disposal will go a long way to helping you eat great food and having a centerpiece for the space. Once you’ve invested in a grill, our recipes page is a one-stop-shop for easy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks you can make for yourself or friends and family.

The next backyard accessories we suggest investing in are also propane-powered. Fire tables and propane patio heaters are the key to extending your time outdoors, allowing you to enjoy your backyard virtually any time of year. Perfect for the upcoming fall weather, patio heaters and fire tables are accessories that everyone will gather around because of the warmth and comfort they provide.

The final key to creating a magical ambience and backyard atmosphere is in the details. Items like string lights, comfortable seating, and small décor pieces are an essential part of setting the scene for any occasion. This is where you can really make the space your own by adding more greenery, water, or even a good set of outdoor speakers.


The Stage is Set

You’ve added the finishing touches, so now comes the big reveal. Much like your favorite home improvement shows, don’t be afraid to invite people over to your new space. After all, you worked hard to build your dream backyard, so you deserve to experience it the way it was meant to; in the company of friends and family. Just make sure you have plenty of propane on hand for your grill, fire table, and patio heaters by visiting our Propane Finder to find the closest location carrying Blue Rhino.

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