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Fuel Your Next Camping Trip with Propane

Fuel Your Next Camping Trip with Propane

Summer is here! The kids are out of school, the weather is heating up, and it’s time for the whole family to plan a getaway for a weekend.

Camping has long been a fun and enjoyable way to spend quality time with your family in the great outdoors. And with the help of propane, you’ll be able to experience camping in style.

Here are a few ways you can use propane to make your next camping trip a success.


Propane for Your Motor Home

The ultimate camping trip wouldn’t be complete without an RV. Motor homes are the perfect way to transport a group of people across long distances and can easily store large camping items, such as tents. The propane system in an RV provides heat and hot water, as well as power for the stove and refrigerator. So even if you’re not an expert camper, propane-powered motor homes have you covered.

Before getting in the RV, it’s important to check your propane system and cylinders for signs of corrosion, rust, and general wear and tear. If your RV uses a traditional grill tank, Blue Rhino's more than 60,000 convenient locations have the propane you need.


Propane-Powered Camping Stoves and Portable Grills

If you have your heart set on making some delicious meals outdoors, consider bringing a propane-powered camp stove or portable grill on your next camping trip. These two items will help you cook the food you want without having to sit over a campfire for several hours.

As experienced campers know, there are several different types of camping stoves based on your needs. The best stove for brewing a cup of coffee won’t be the same one you bring on a road trip to feed a family of four. However, propane-powered camp stoves and portable grills offer an easy to use, clean burning source of fuel, making it a necessity for your next trip. In comparison to traditional wood fires, camp stoves heat up quicker and provide consistent, even heat across your cooking surface. These stoves are especially helpful in eliminating the hassle of building a campfire, or in areas where campfires may be prohibited. If you need more time cooking your meal, you can also purchase a propane tank adapter, so that your stove or portable grill can use Blue Rhino tanks.


If you’re gearing up for your next trip into the great outdoors in honor of National Camping Month, be sure to keep propane on your mind. Check out our Propane Finder tool to pick up a tank at a location near your next camping getaway!

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