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Get Dad What He Really Wants for Father’s Day

Let’s face it, Dads can be pretty simple creatures. If yours is like most, all he’ll want this Father’s Day is quality time with his family and his grill. In other words, pretty much the same thing he prefers to do every other summer Sunday.

Propane grills are amazing things, but the most experienced backyard chefs know that grilling accessories are a vital part of the process. Get Dad everything he needs to master the barbecue. Check out a few of our favorites!


Grill brush

Experienced grillers know that the first step in the process is making sure you have a clean grilling surface. Maybe Dad’s brush is worn out, or maybe he’s using an outdated method. Whatever the case may be look at bristle-free brushes for the best options to clean any grill efficiently. After all, things need to be just right when preparing the perfect meal.


Spice gift set

If variety is the spice of life, then a spice gift set is… well, it’s exactly what Dad needs this Father’s Day. Think of it as a small (but safe) chemistry kit that allows him to experiment with flavors that kick things up a notch or two. Trust us, Dad will love it!


Grilling tool set

We all know Dads love tools. Give yours a new set of grilling tools and make him the envy of every man in the neighborhood. What could be more fun this Father’s Day than opening up (and immediately using!) a new spatula, tongs, and sauce brush?


Meat thermometer

No matter the backyard chef’s skill level, sometimes it’s difficult to know when to pull some foods off the grill. Thankfully there are a number of meat thermometers designed to give peace of mind to even the most worrisome griller. Some thermometers even communicate directly with your smart phone, giving Dad a little more freedom to enjoy his special day.


Blue Rhino propane

Be sure to make a Blue Rhino propane tank number one on your list of gifts for Father’s Day. Seeing his new ready-to-grill Blue Rhino tank will help remind him all summer long just how special this year’s Father’s Day was.


Here’s your chance to make Dad’s upcoming Father’s Day the best yet by surprising him with what he wants most – fun new toys to use on his propane grill!

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