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Get Grill-Ready for Labor Day with Blue Rhino

Get Grill-Ready for Labor Day with Blue Rhino

Labor Day is a tried-and-true American holiday, established to recognize the advancements, achievements, and contributions of our nation’s workforce. It’s a powerful reminder of what we can accomplish together… and it happens to be one of the top weekends for cookouts and barbecues! What better way to celebrate something so powerful than by firing up your gas grill?

While grilling year-round is great fun, Labor Day (a.k.a. the unofficial end of summer) is prime grill time. Holiday weekends with family and friends can’t be beat, and we have the grilling recipes and tips for a quick-and-easy feast. We all know cooking for a crowd is a labor of love, but that feels appropriate on this special occasion. Keep these things in mind for a smooth and successful Labor Day cookout:


Make the Menu

Any great menu starts with great recipes, and who better to ask than your fellow Rhinos? The Fan Favorites section is chock-full of yummy ideas contributed by great grillers from across the country. More interested in an expert’s perspective? We have plenty of chef-led recipes in our Summer Grilling Series, brought in partnership with Operation BBQ Relief.


Tips, Tricks, and Timesavers

Menu? Check! Now what else do you need for a Labor Day cookout? The tools for success. Whether you’re an experienced griller or firing up for the first time, it never hurts to brush up on the basics. Regardless of what’s on your menu, don’t forget to check the minimum internal temperature for the meat you’re using.


Fuel Up for the Feast

Before you start slicing, dicing, prepping, and preheating, make sure you have enough fuel for the weekend. And if you need a fresh, leak-tested, grill-ready tank, there are more than 60,000 Blue Rhino locations in the U.S. and more than a dozen cities eligible for our new home delivery service. Check our website to find out if Blue Rhino is delivering in your area.


From all of us at Blue Rhino, have a safe, happy Labor Day!

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