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Light up the Fall Season with a Fire Table

Light up the Fall Season with a Fire Table

It’s mid-October. The days are getting shorter. You’ve pulled your favorite, cozy sweaters, boots and jackets out of the closet. You’re eating pumpkin-flavored everything, going apple picking, watching football, and getting ready to carve Halloween pumpkins with your family. But even though you’re “all in” on Fall, you can’t help missing those lazy summer nights spent out on the patio with friends.

There’s a way to extend the outdoor season before the snow moves in: fire tables. It’s a propane-powered alternative to a wood fire pit that’ll get your family back outside, soaking up the scent of leaves and cool, crisp air.


What Is a Fire Table?

Simply put, a fire table looks a lot like a coffee table with a fire pit in the middle. But instead of fueling it with wood or those ready-to-light logs, you hook it up to your trusty Blue Rhino propane tank. A lot of fire tables are very sleek and modern-looking, with fire-safe stones in the middle where the flame is. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you find one that fits your outdoor space perfectly.

Fire tables are simple to set up and a lot easier to use than traditional fire pits. Lighting them is similar to lighting a propane grill; You turn on the gas, hit a starter button and wait for the flame to ignite. Turning them off is just as simple. Turn off the gas, and watch the flame go out. And you never have to worry about running out of wood. As long as you have propane in your tank, you can have an outdoor fire on a cool Fall evening.


How Can I Use a Fire Table?

Fire tables add a certain warmth and ambiance to your backyard space. Whether you set one up on your deck or your patio, the warm glow encourages family and friends to gather around, swap stories, share food and drinks, and just spend quality time together. Be sure to have plenty of seating because your backyard is about to become the hot spot in the neighborhood.

Fire tables also add warmth – literally! Just like gathering around a traditional fire pit, fire tables cast a circle of heat for people sitting nearby. It’ll allow you to enjoy those chilly nights with a warm cup of apple cider in hand.


What Are the Benefits of Using a Fire Table?

Fire tables provide clean-burning, smoke and ash-free flames. That means, when the wind shifts, you won’t get smoke in your eyes. You won’t have to switch seats just to stay away from the smoke, and no more smelling like a bonfire when you go back inside your home! Plus, you won’t be cleaning those pesky flecks of ashes off your favorite sweatshirt.

Fire tables are also a great, free-standing option. You’re not tied to putting it in one particular area of your yard. Change things up as you rearrange your patio furniture to fit your needs.

You also won’t have to find a place in your yard to store a cord of wood and figure out how to keep it dry. No more awkward deliveries or hauling the wood from the bed of your pick-up truck to your backyard. As long as you have a fresh propane tank, you’re all set.


Can I Cook Food on My Fire Table?

One bonus to owning a fire table? You can make a snack! They’re a great way to teach the kids to make s’mores. It’s a more controlled flame than a traditional fire pit, so you won’t have to worry about the fire shifting as much if the wind picks up. The kids can lean in and roast their marshmallows to the perfect doneness. Consider your fire table a modern-day take on a campfire. Bonus points if you come up with some great, spooky stories to tell as Halloween gets closer.

Speaking of s’mores, don’t be afraid to test out some new recipes! Why not swap out the traditional graham crackers with – wait for it – chocolate chip cookies! You can also try this delectable, gooey recipe with chocolate sandwich cookies. Or, if you’re making a bunch of s’mores at once, you can use your propane grill.

Are traditional s’mores a little too rich for you? Try out this sweet and salty alternative! Bite Size Pretzel S’mores are made with pretzels on the outside instead of graham crackers. Plus, they’re so small, you can pop a whole one in your mouth at once, so you won’t feel guilty if you indulge. Have two. Or eight. Whatever floats your boat. We won’t judge you.

Or maybe you’re looking for something a little more decadent. White Chocolate Raspberry S’mores may be just the ticket. This recipe swaps out milk chocolate bars for white chocolate ones and incorporates fresh raspberries for a burst of flavor. Why not try out all these great twists on s’mores and have a s’mores buffet? You could set it up for the next time you invite friends over to watch the big game. Set out all the ingredients and let everyone come up with their own unique flavor combinations.


Where Can I Get a Fire Table?

So, you’re ready to make the commitment, dive in, and get a fire table. Good for you! Now to sift through all the options on the market.


I Bought a Fire Table, Now What?

The only thing left for you to do is set up your fire table outside, and make sure you have a Blue Rhino propane tank! A fresh tank will fuel your new fire table for hours. You may want to get a back-up tank, too, for all the time you’re going to be spending outdoors. Not sure where to get a Blue Rhino propane tank? Try our easy-to-use propane finder or simply text the word FIND to 75653. Or see if Blue Rhino offers home delivery in your area. It’ll save you a trip to the store!

Now go stock up on all those s’mores supplies!

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