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Propane Makes Backyard Camping a Treat

Propane Makes Backyard Camping a Treat

The portability of propane and its unique variety of uses have made it a campground staple for decades. Although there are many places across this great country to camp outdoors with family and friends, why not stay closer to home? Say, your own backyard? Staycations, or “holistays” as they are sometimes known, are all the rage these days – and for good reason. They’re a great way to save money and stay safe without having to sacrifice one single bit of fun.


More s’mores, please!

Backyard camping calls for one of our all-time favorite treats. You guessed it, s’mores! What’s not to love about toasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers? It’s important to remember that s’mores aren’t just a campfire treat – not when there’s a propane fire pit or gas grill nearby!


Don’t bug out

Bites from hungry mosquitos can put quite a damper on any camping experience. They seem to show up at the most unwanted times, but did you know propane mosquito traps fuel your outdoor fun and make backyard camping more enjoyable? These little buggers (or de-buggers, in this case) use the carbon atoms found in propane to mimic the mosquito-attracting carbon dioxide we exhale. Powered by the same-sized tank that fuels a gas grill, these devices lure and trap bugs a safe distance from your sleeping bag.


Scary stories by the fire(pit)

Another great camping tradition is telling scary stories by the campfire. No campfire, you say? That’s not a problem when propane is around. Gas firepits enable you to continue that fun tradition in your own backyard without the risk of smoke blowing into faces and ruining the party. Now… who’s up for a scary story?


Breakfast is served!

Don’t settle for a continental breakfast on your staycation. Your nearby gas grill is also more than capable of serving up the most important meal of the day – breakfast! Leave it to your 20-pound Blue Rhino propane tank to fueling your hearty breakfast.

Thanks to the power of propane, you can enjoy all the same conveniences and activities of a campground in your own backyard. Plus, you have a comfortable home to escape to if the weather turns bad.

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