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Recipes and Ideas to Tackle Game Day

Recipes and Ideas to Tackle Game Day

Are you ready for the big game? Blue Rhino is! It doesn’t matter if your team made the cut or you’re just watching to see the commercials. You can still throw a big game bash that’ll keep them coming back for more!


The Ultimate Watch Party

Unfortunately, just turning on the TV isn’t enough to host a watch party. Yes, the “watch” part is important. But you’ll also have to do a little planning! We’ve compiled some helpful tips to take the stress out of it, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the game.

First things first: Make a list! Do you have decorations for your favorite team? Think balloons, streamers, team colors, and maybe even some themed plates and napkins for your food.

Drink options are important. Consider offering choices that both kids and parents will enjoy. Have a cooler, ice, and a bottle opener on hand, as well as plenty of cups. Pro tip: Keep a permanent marker around so everyone can write their name on their drink. That way, when someone inevitably sets their drink down, you’ll know who it belongs to!

Have you nailed down your game day look? Why not wear a jersey or some matching team apparel? There’s no need to run out and buy something new, just plan your outfit around your favorite team’s colors.

Next, be sure you have plenty of serving platters, plates, and utensils for all your guests. If you’re grilling up a lot of food, you may want to add some disposable food containers to your shopping list. They’re great for leftovers but can also come in handy if a guest wants to take some food home at the end of the night.

You’ll also need to make sure there’s enough seating for everyone. Folding chairs are a great, space-saving option. You can always use extra pillows or blankets on the floor, too, if a crowd shows up. You’ll want to make your space cozy, comfortable, and welcoming.

Don’t forget about outdoor seating! Sometimes, guests want to step outside for some fresh air.

That’s why it’s important to prepare your outdoor space too. Clean off your patio furniture and consider adding a basket full of blankets in case your guests get chilly. Propane-powered patio heaters can also keep your guests feeling comfortable and add ambience to your backyard.

While you’re outside, fire up the grill! We believe you can grill any time of year, even in the middle of winter. Before you start menu planning, think about when you last used your grill. Was it a couple months ago for that holiday ham? It probably needs to be cleaned before you can safely use it again during your party for the big game. Check out our helpful cleaning tips here.

What’s a party without enough propane? Make sure you are ready to grill on game day! Use our Propane Finder to locate a Blue Rhino retailer near you or use Blue Rhino Home Delivery to save you a trip to the store. Use the time you saved to focus on other items on your “to do” list.


Touchdown Recipes

Now it’s time to talk delicious game day snacks – because let’s face it, everyone loves football food!


Game Day Grilled Chicken Table Nachos

Game Day Grilled Chicken Table Nachos Nachos are always a big hit, and these add a new twist since they’re made on the grill! You’ll get that smoky charred flavor, ooey gooey cheese, and a punch of flavor from red onion and pickled jalapenos. You’ll want to make extras because they’ll go quickly!


Sweet Heat Wings

Sweet Heat Wings Wings are always a crowd pleaser. Rather than the traditional buffalo sauce, these wings are tossed in a chili garlic sauce with just a touch of honey for some sweetness. Grab a few extra napkins because these wings are filled with drippy, saucy goodness. Serve them with a side of ranch and blue cheese dressing for guests who want to add another level of flavor.


Grilled Backyard Cheese Dip

Grilled Backyard Cheese Dip Don’t forget the chips and dip! Poblano peppers serve as a “boat” to hold the delicious cheese. This dip has just the right amount of punch – not too spicy, and not too mild. Stock up on tortilla chips, vegetables, and other dippable food for this fresh, fun recipe.


Grilled Potato Skins

Grilled Potato Skins Potato skins are always a game day favorite. These are made with rosemary to add an earthy, comforting flavor – perfect to help ward off that winter chill. Don’t worry, they have cheddar cheese and bacon, too. Serve them with a side of sour cream or use the ranch and blue cheese dressing you set out with the wings. Let your guests pile those potatoes high with toppings!


Two-Bite Burgers

Two-Bite Burgers What’s a party without freshly grilled burgers? These mini burgers are the perfect size for noshing. Try some fun topping alternatives like pineapple salsa, spicy caramelized onions, or creamy yogurt feta sauce. Don’t be surprised if some people decide to try all three!

Looking for even more recipe ideas? Check them out here.


Always a Win

We hope your game day party is a success and our tips and recipes make planning a little easier. Even if your team doesn’t win the trophy, you'll still have a good time by enjoying some great grilled food with wonderful friends and family!


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