Rhino Gauge

Rhino Gauge, the Blue Rhino app.

Don’t you hate running out of gas while grilling? Never let it happen again. Try the Rhino Gauge app from Blue Rhino!

The day is perfect. Steaks are sizzling on the grill. Happy people sniff the grilling scents and nurse their favorite beverages. Then it happens: POOF! You’re out of grill gas! OH NO! The party comes to a crashing halt!
Don’t be that person! Try Rhino Gauge. Here’s how it works. Just answer a few questions about how you grill and the last time you bought propane. The app will then predict when you should need gas again.* For a better estimate, you can also enter every cookout.

Any time you need to know your estimated tank fill level, just click “Propane Check.” When the gauge shows “low,” it is time to get more propane!

The app also shows Blue Rhino locations near you so you can get back to the grill, quick and easy. And there’s even a timer built into the app so you can keep track of grilling time.

Be the hero of your next cookout - keep grilling with Rhino Gauge!

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*iPhone® and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Calculations based on the standard fill level of Blue Rhino tanks. Results may vary as propane fill level is affected by many factors.

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