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Spooky Recipes to Serve This Halloween

Spooky Recipes to Serve This Halloween

Fall nights get a little spookier when you know Halloween is right around the corner. In addition to the decorations, trick or treating, and scary movies that come with this time of year, you’ll want to throw in some creepy-crawly recipes that will make you wish it were Halloween every day! So take a look at these spooky recipes to trick or treat yourself with all fall long!


Mummy Pepper Poppers

Jalapeño poppers just got a little more frightening with these yummy Mummy Pepper Poppers! Much like your classic jalapeño popper, this recipe combines several cheeses, a little bacon and cream cheese into a skillet, which you can substitute for fresh, hollowed out jalapeños. The key to making this a truly spook-tacular Halloween treat, however, is the mummy wrapping! Crescent Roll dough goes well on just about everything, but especially well on anything you might make on the grill. Simply cut small strips of the dough to fit around your jalapeños in a cross-hatch pattern just like our scary friends from Ancient Egypt used to do. Then, place your jalapeños on the grill until the dough is a nice golden brown color. Feel free to include googly eyes for added effect, or dig in as soon as they’ve cooled off!


Un-boo-lievably Ghoul-y Pizza

We know you never need an excuse to fire up the grill and enjoy some pizza, and this un-boo-lievably ghoul-y pizza will satisfy all your cravings! You might be saying, what makes this pizza so scary besides the name? Well, rather than waiting for any real ghosts to appear, this recipe calls for ghost-shaped mozzarella cheese. Fresh mozzarella is a classic pizza topping, but with the help of a stencil or just by free-handing, you can cut up some wicked-scary cheese. Of course the cheese will melt over your pizza, so be sure to check that your ghoul-y friends haven’t lost their shape. This can be done with just about any pizza, and our pizza recipes page has plenty of options for you!


Monster Burger

Get the party startled with a Monster Burger recipe that will satisfy even the hungriest of appetites! Any burger deemed scary and savory enough to be a monster burger has to come with plenty of toppings, and that’s exactly the case with several of the items featured on our burger recipes page. Burgers like the Bistro Cheeseburger and the Brew Burger may be a daunting task to eat, but will fill you up soon after. For your version of a monster burger, any topping is fair game. From the classics of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, all the way to bacon, avocado, and even jelly, nothing is off limits. Create your favorite burger and don’t be afraid to share your secret recipe!


This fall promises to be a scary one and these recipes will bring just enough fright to you next cookout! Be sure to try these and many other recipes you can find on our website!

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