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Best Propane Appliances for Your Backyard

The Best Propane Appliances for Your Backyard

The backyard has always been a place to retreat after a long day. Whether you’re grilling burgers, playing catch, or enjoying your favorite adult beverage with your friends, there’s nothing quite like spending time outside, while still in the comfort of familiar surroundings. As day turns into night, however, and temperatures start to dip, you shouldn’t be forced to head back inside. There are a few propane-powered backyard appliances designed specifically to help keep you warm and keep the fun going as long possible! Check out these items and let us know how you plan on spending your time outside.


Propane Fire Pits and Tables

One of the most important backyard appliances you can add to your arsenal is a propane-powered fire pit. Apart from adding a sleek look to your entertainment area, fire pits allow you to keep everyone warm on a chilly evening. These pits come with a bit of versatility too, as they primarily free-standing, allowing you to move it to your desired location. Depending on the size of your fire pit, you can comfortably entertain several friends and family members, and keep them well fed too. Propane-powered fire pits can easily take on the role of a campfire, meaning you can use your pit to make some excellent s’mores. Everyone has a favorite s’mores recipe, but if you’re looking to switch things up this time around, try consulting our s’mores menu for fun and interesting combinations!

Many backyard enthusiasts often elect to go for a propane fire table to add to the décor of their space. Fire tables are simply a version of a fire pit with more surface space, which often comes in handy when entertaining several guests. Depending on the size of the table, you’ll have plenty of room to place food, drinks, and other items without worrying about their proximity to the flame. This makes entertaining a breeze, and is perfect for the cool nights where you don’t want to leave the comfort of the heat. Made to bring the warmth and ambience of a fireplace to your patio, deck, and backyard, you’ll certainly have the best outdoor home space amongst your friends with the addition of one of these!


Propane Patio Heaters

The next propane-powered appliance to keep in mind for your backyard is the gas patio heater. Patio heaters are one of the most welcome sights at an outdoor gathering in the fall and spring, and that’s because they provide an abundance of warmth in a variety of manners. Unlike fire pits and fire tables, patio heaters provide heat from up above and can cover quite a distance with its powerful heat. This means whether you’re standing, sitting, up-close, or a little ways away, you’ll still be able to stay warm and cozy. Propane patio heaters are perfect for outdoor decks and patios, and have a couple different styles and placement options. Whether you purchase a tabletop or standup model, you can rest assured that no one will complain about cool weather again!


Propane Space Heaters

Tiny but mighty, propane space heaters can work wonders when you’re outdoors. Often used more for working purposes, propane space heaters still pack a punch and can cover a wide radius to help keep you warm in the coldest of temperatures. Because of their smaller size, they’re perfect for outdoor and ventilated workspaces. Much like other propane appliances, several versions of space heaters are out there, so find the one that best fits your needs and make the most of your time outdoors!


Whether you choose a propane-powered fire pit or table, patio heater or propane space heater, you’ll be making plenty of memories this fall and winter. Find the location closest to you that carries Blue Rhino by visiting our Propane Finder, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your backyard no matter the weather!

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