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Blue Rhino: The Official Propane Sponsor of Steven Raichlen

It’s not often that you get the chance to work with an award-winning author who has published more than 30 books, hosted several notable TV shows, and is an incredibly deserving member of the Barbecue Hall of Fame. Steven Raichlen, a highly decorated writer and pioneer who is well known in the barbecue community for his delicious takes on some of our favorite foods, never disappoints on the grill. And now, he’s shared his culinary expertise with us in the form of two exclusive signature recipes.

Featuring a delicious pork Secreto with Romesco Sauce and a savory Dessert Quesadilla, these recipes are the perfect addition to your barbecue repertory. You can find them exclusively on our Blue Rhino recipes page, along with several other tasty meals to prepare at your next cookout.

As you might imagine, experts like Raichlen got to where they are with countless hours of practice and an understanding of the fundamentals that come with grilling. But, as he and many others would tell you, none of the incredible dishes made on the grill would be possible without propane. From beginners to grill masters, Blue Rhino is the first and only propane choice to make your next cookout a memorable one.

Currently in its second season, Raichlen’s show Project Fire is an exploration into the most unique and creative ways of barbecuing. On the show, he introduces a range of new foods, grilling tools, and jaw-dropping techniques that all grill enthusiasts can incorporate into their next cookout. As Raichlen’s official propane sponsor, we at Blue Rhino are incredibly excited to see what’s on deck for this season.

You can catch Raichlen and his guests on Project Fire on Public Television (check your local listing), or stream the latest episodes on his website. And when you’re ready to fire up your own grill to make some of his special recipes, check out our Propane Finder to find the closest location carrying Blue Rhino.

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