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What is a Grill Master? (And Tips on How to Become One!)

What is a Grill Master

You’ve read the term countless times on the Rhino Feed blog, and maybe you’ve wondered. What in the world is a grill master? We’re here to set the record straight.

To us at Blue Rhino, a grill master is someone who loves to grill and is passionate about their role. To become a grill master, it takes patience, experience, quality tools, the proper knowledge, the right recipes, and lots of practice.

It also requires a desire to fire up the grill at any point during the year to make delicious foods that satisfy all to create backyard memories for years to come. Just like perfecting any other skill, becoming a grill master doesn’t just happen overnight.


What Separates a Real Grill Master from the Pretenders?

A grill master is an expert on gas grilling basics. Thanks to practice and a little bit of patience, they know the essentials like the back of their own hand. From firing up the grill and cleaning grates to direct heating vs. indirect heating, the basics eventually become second nature. They certainly won’t run out of propane half an hour before a family dinner or party – classic rookie mistake. Covering the basics is step one in pursuit of grill master!


They’re Advanced

Grill masters are advanced in their gas grilling and propane knowledge. They have the basics covered, recipes are down to a T, and their seasoning game is up to snuff. Some other basics that are mastered by these experienced burger-flipping gurus are:

  1. They invest in the proper grilling tools and accessories.
  2. They understand the importance of keeping a squeaky-clean gas grill. Because a cleaner grill means more delicious foods.
  3. They grill year-round and love every bit of it. Even in the colder months. If you’re not grilling during all seasons, then how can you keep up the practice? Grill masters are prepared for the elements and thrive in all seasons.
  4. They know the difference between direct cooking and indirect cooking. For direct cooking, think burgers, vegetables, and other thin delicate foods. Indirect? Think whole chicken, chicken breasts, and ribs.
  5. They know how to start and finish their foods with the perfect amount of spices. Outside of your typical salt and pepper, flavoring with the right spices can make all the difference in taste in your final product.
  6. They’re well aware of the internal meat temperatures necessary to successfully grill their favorite meats thoroughly. Let’s be honest, no one wants to take a bite out of a burger that’s not fully done or a steak that’s overcooked.

They’re the Experts

They know the answers to all grilling and propane-related questions. They know the tricks of the trade to keep the backyard barbecue humming, and they are aware of how to execute efficiently and safely.

  1. Grill masters have so much experience, they likely answer ll 10 of these grilling questions. They live by the mantra: “Keep the grate hot, clean, and oiled.
  2. They know when foods are done, most notably with the use of a meat thermometer. They have a good idea when the food is ready, but it’s always good to double check with a meat thermometer, which will indicate the internal temperature, giving you a solid read on when your food is ready.
  3. They make recipes their own. A little creativity can make a big difference for family members and guests. They know what flavors go together and they experiment with recipes to best fit everyone’s taste buds.
  4. The ultimate grill masters and their families rock Rhino Gear, Blue Rhino’s official swag.

They Carry Extra Fuel

As mentioned earlier, grill masters don’t make rookie mistakes like running out of propane in the middle of their cookout. These veterans know how much propane is left in their tank, and always have a backup propane tank. If you don’t, use our propane finder to find a fresh Blue Rhino propane tank near you.


Who’s your grill master?

Now, think about who the grill master is in your family. Does your dad fire up the grill and make the family’s favorite meats on the weekends? Does your mom smoke the ham for the holidays? Or does your uncle smoke a turkey on Thanksgiving?

You can possibly relate to some of the suggestions above, and you probably look fondly on these family members for creating family traditions in your backyard that will be passed on to the next generation. Because that’s what being a grill master is all about!

Now that you have a better idea what a grill master is, let us know who the grill master is in your household by tagging us or using #BlueRhinoPropane on any of our social media channels! And, of course, bookmark our Rhino Feed to stay in touch with our latest blogs, recipes, and tips that we have to offer you!

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