Need propane for your grill, firepit, patio heater, or other propane appliance? With Blue Rhino, it's easy!

You can get a fresh, ready-to-grill Blue Rhino tank with or without exchanging an empty propane tank. It's easy, fast, and convenient. Here's how.

Do you have an empty tank to exchange?
If you do have an empty tank, it's as easy as Drop, Swap, & Go.

First, find a Blue Rhino retailer by visiting our store locator or by texting FIND to 75653. 

When you arrive at the store, drop your empty tank beside the propane display. Don't bring tanks inside!

Next, purchase a tank from the cashier. A store employee will escort you back to the display and provide you with a fresh, ready-to-grill tank.

That's all there is to it! Go enjoy!
DROP empty tank beside display  SWAP empty tank for Blue Rhino  GO enjoy your Blue Rhino propane tank

Don’t have a tank to Exchange?
No problem. Find a Blue Rhino retailer near you by visiting our store locator or by texting FIND to 75653.  Just see a store employee to get a tank, and go!
Blue Rhino. It's Not Just Propane!


Why Blue Rhino?

We're more than just propane. Every tank is cleaned, leak-tested, inspected, and delivered to tens of thousands of convenient stores nationwide. No wonder Blue Rhino is America's #1 propane exchange brand.

Don't Run Out of Gas Again

Tired of running out of propane gas at the worst possible moment? Blue Rhino's email reminders can save your bacon. Or steaks. Or burgers. Or whatever you're grilling!

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