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Blue Rhino logo


Blue Rhino logo

ONE COLOR  (Available Pantone 541c & Black)

Blue Rhino logo


Blue Rhino logo



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Blue Rhino Suggested Ad

Blue Rhino Suggested Ad

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Blue Rhino Suggested Ad



Primary Blue Rhino Color

Logo Usage:
  • Blue Rhino Logo Type
  • Rhino Outline
  • Rhino Creases
PMS: 541C
CMYK: 100 / 57 / 0 / 38
RGB: 0 / 70 / 126
HEX: #00467E

Primary Accent Light Blue Color

Logo Usage:
  • Used on the Rhino Skin
PMS: 543C
CMYK: 41 / 11 / 0 / 0
RGB: 143 / 195 / 234
HEX: #8fc3e9

Primary Accent Red

Logo Usage:
  • Used on the Rhino Horn
PMS: 485C
CMYK: 0 / 97 / 100 / 0
RGB: 238 / 42 / 36
HEX: #d12229

Primary Accent Yellow

Logo Usage:
  • Used on the Rhino Horn
PMS: Yellow
CMYK: 0 / 0 / 100 / 0
RGB: 255 / 242 / 0
HEX: #fff100


Blue Rhino User Agreement

All images and logos are © Ferrellgas. Permission is granted to use these logos and images, without modification to those logos and images.

Any unauthorized U.S. usage or modifications to the logos are strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Ferrellgas. Any usage of these logos or images outside the U.S. must have written permission from Ferrellgas.

When using the any of the Blue Rhino logos, the following must be included:
“Blue Rhino,® It's Not Just Propane.® and the Rhino logo are registered trademarks of Ferrellgas.”

For questions, please contact:
Phone: 1.800.BLU.RHINO (1.800.258.7466)
Email: [email protected]


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