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4 Grilling Recipes to Impress Mom this Mother’s Day

4 Grilling Recipes to Impress Mom this Mother’s Day

Mothers play an integral role in everyone’s lives. And for most, mom’s homemade meals and good eats stand out. So, we think it’s only fair to return the favor – it’s time to impress her with these four grilling recipes.

And what better time to do this than on Mother’s Day? This year do more than just buy her flowers and a card. Grab your spatula, throw on an apron, and fire up the grill! Like every day, your grill is ready to assist you.

From breakfast to dessert, here’s a full day’s worth of delicious recipes to choose from. Or, if you really want to score some brownie points with mom, give all four recipes a try!

Without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?


Grilled Cinnamon French Toast (Courtesy: Weber)

Grilled Cinnamon French Toast What’s better than waking up to a home-cooked meal? Sure, some eggs might go over well, but you have a mother to impress! Go the extra mile and grill delicious French toast. Yes, we said grill. The preparation process done in the kitchen is essentially the same, but once the batter is prepared, and your bread is on the grill, you’re 6-8 minutes away from the tastiest French toast you and your mom have ever had. With the classic grill marks, it will look just as good as it tastes, too!


Grilled Hawaiian Chicken and Pineapple Sandwiches

rilled Hawaiian Chicken and Pineapple Sandwiches Don’t allow your mother to go hungry in the afternoon; prepare a quick and refreshing lunch. Introducing grilled Hawaiian chicken and pineapple sandwiches, an irresistible Hawaiian marinade mixed with pineapple rings, onion rolls, and provolone cheese. This sandwich is sure to raise eyebrows with its amazing flavors. Some say pineapples don’t belong on pizza, and we won’t reveal if we agree with that at this time, but this juicy fruit certainly belongs on this sandwich.


Grilled Clear Springs Rainbow Trout Fillets with Cherry Salsa (Courtesy: Clear Springs Foods Inc.)

Grilled Clear Springs Rainbow Trout Fillets with Cherry Salsa Let’s stick with the refreshing trend for dinner, shall we? Now it’s time to really make an impression with a fancy, yet easily doable dinner recipe. This mouthwatering fish comes at you with a twist of cherries and Dijon mustard, providing a satisfying taste. As an added bonus, this trout is low in fat – a benefit that anyone can get behind.


Bourbon and Brown Butter Peach Cobbler (Courtesy: Bull Outdoor Products)

Bourbon and Brown Butter Peach Cobbler There’s no better way to end a day with mom than with this delicious dish – with a kick! You don’t have to drink to enjoy a little bourbon. You won’t regret grilling this cobbler. Grab the peaches, your favorite ice cream, some bourbon, and fire up the grill to make this irresistible dessert. Cap your Mother’s Day with a bang!


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Surely, mom will be pleased with these recipes, courtesy of her special someone – you! So, go on, stock up on ingredients, and take your culinary skills to the grill. Your mom will thank you!

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