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Baseball-Themed Grill Recipes for Your Next Sunday Funday

Baseball-Themed Grill Recipes for Your Next Sunday Funday

Batter up! You can’t enjoy America’s favorite summer pastime if you’re not also enjoying something prepared on a propane grill. Feel free to buy us some peanuts and Cracker Jack® … just know they’ll be playing second fiddle to what comes off the grill.

Much like baseball, summer Sundays are meant to be spent outside. And what better way to spend your next Sunday Funday than grilling up some tasty treats? Whether you’re using a big grill in the backyard or a portable grill in a parking lot before the game, check out how well these recipes pair with baseball.


Hot Dogs with a Kick

“Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs here!” Baseball fans were first introduced to dachshund sausages in the late 1800s at a ballpark in St. Louis. Since then, these delicious frankfurters have been a staple at stadiums and fields large and small. If baseball is a part of your Sunday Funday, make sure hot dogs are as well.


Grilled Bratwurst with Onions Braised in Beer and Mustard

Whether you have great seats behind the dugout, or you’re camped out in front of the TV at home, baseball just seems better with brats. But you can’t enjoy just any bratwurst – not on Sunday Funday. Check out this extra special, extra flavorful recipe you can prepare right on the grill.


BBQ Cheeseburgers

How about a hearty grilled cheeseburger recipe with a BBQ twist? That’s precisely what you’ll get with this take on a classic recipe. Gooey cheese and tangy barbecue sauce can only mean one thing: extra napkins!


Grilled Chocolate Chip Cookies

If there’s one thing that feels as American as baseball and grilling, it’s chocolate chip cookies. Forget the oven! Satisfy your sweet tooth with these classic cookies prepared on the grill. And we wouldn’t be upset if you added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to ours!


Summer Sundays are the absolute best, especially when they include baseball, good friends and family, and unforgettable dishes prepared on your gas grill!

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