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Beat the Heat with these Backyard Tips

Beat the Heat with these Backyard Tips

Welcome to the dog days of summer. As the season winds down, the temperature in most parts of the country is still heating up. By now, you might have resorted to staying inside and turning your air conditioning down to near-Arctic levels. But where’s the fun in that? We still have plenty of time to enjoy the summer, so check out these creative ways to beat the heat before the season is over.


Backyard accessories to help keep you cool

One of the biggest keys to beating the heat is finding creative ways cool yourself down. Exposing yourself to the sun for long periods of time can leave you dehydrated and exhausted, so if you’ve got work to do outdoors, or just want to get a nice tan without burning up, invest in a cooling towel. One of the greatest gadgets to have for the summer, cooling towels can be soaked in cold water or left in your fridge prior to stepping outside. Once you’re ready, wring out any excess moisture and simply place it on your neck for a long-lasting chill.

Another accessory to have in your backyard is a large patio umbrella. Creating areas of shade to step into becomes vital in hot and humid conditions. Let your body cool off under the umbrella between five to 10 minutes if you feel yourself getting a little tired or over-heated.


Outdoor water games and activities

Running around outside in hot weather might sound counter-intuitive to beating the heat, but there are several different ways to put the energy of your kids and guests to good use. Outdoor water games offer a method of having fun and cooling down all at once. Whether it’s playing Marco Polo in the pool, filling up buckets of balloons with water for a water balloon fight, or creating your very own slip-n-slide, water activities are the perfect way to get your mind off the heat and get your head in the game. Try your hand at a few other unique games too, like water balloon piñata, or even cold potato, which is an adapted version of hot potato done with water balloons or an ice cube. Get creative, mix it up, and have fun with your family and friends with these activities!


Bring out the food and drinks!

You can’t spend a day in the backyard without plenty of eating and drinking, and luckily for you, food and beverages by the grill are our expertise. As the old saying goes, “we all scream for ice cream,” and that holds true on any day when you’re trying to beat the heat. But not all ice cream is made the same. Rather than just eating straight out of the pint, try this Grilled Ice Cream recipe. Featuring a pound cake covered in a delicious meringue and your ice cream of choice, you’ll soon learn that ice cream on the grill is one of the best decisions you can make on any summer day.

But you can’t have dessert without a main course first. And what better option is there for a quick and easy meal than sliders? Our Cajun Turkey Sliders make for the perfect snack by the pool, or after a few trips down the slip-n-slide. Anyone in for a few slip-n-sliders?

Finally, get out a few drinks for the kids, and also enjoy some adult beverages for you and your guests. Whether it’s a classic lemonade for them, or these great brews that pair perfectly with your lunch or dinner plate, you’ll have several options to keep you cool and well-fed this summer.

While it may be hot for a few more weeks, that shouldn’t stop you from having the time of your life during the final days of summer. Utilize these tips to beat the heat and let us know what fun ways you’re staying cool as the hottest season of the year comes to a close!

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