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The Best Plates to Pair With Your Brews on National Beer Day

Blue Rhino Pair With Your Brews
Did you know beer is the third most popular beverage in the world behind water and tea? People love beer so much there’s even a day dedicated to it! April 7 marks National Beer Day here in the U.S. and beer lovers across the country will be celebrating in style. But everyone knows you can’t drink on an empty stomach! That’s why we’ve got you covered with some amazing, grill-friendly recipes that will pair well with your favorite brew. So crack open a cold one and fire up that grill this National Beer Day, and enjoy these delicious combinations!

Brew Burger paired with a Pale Ale

Our classic Brew Burger recipe is perfect for any time of year, but on National Beer Day, you’ll be able to elevate this dish with a delicious Pale Ale. As the Brewers Association mentions, Pale Ales pair well with a range of foods, including burgers, several cheeses and desserts like maple bread pudding. For the best taste, serve your Pale Ale in a glass with a serving temperature between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


Hot Dogs with a Kick paired with an Amber Ale

Red and Amber ales feature more emphasis on malt, but you can also expect to get a fair bit of hoppy flavor here too. This means pairing it with a spicy flavor will complement the beverage. These Hot Dogs with a Kick will go a long way to satisfying your cravings and your Red or Amber Ale will wash it down smoothly.


Grilled Chicken Fajitas paired with an Oktoberfest Marzen

It doesn’t have to be the fall season for you to enjoy these Oktoberfest classics. Marzen beer and Vienna lagers are a staple in Germany, but pairing them with these Grilled Chicken Fajitas will put a new spin on your lunch or dinner.


Beef Brisket paired with an Oatmeal Stout

There’s nothing like a tender, juicy brisket, and this Beef Brisket will be a hit with friends and family. Pairing a pile of delicious meat with the proper beer doesn’t have to be difficult. We recommend a Sweet or Oatmeal Stout to go hand-in-hand with the flavor of the beef, and any barbecue sauce you may add to your brisket.


Grilled Shrimp and Apple Skewers with a Hefeweizen

The mix of flavors in this Grilled Shrimp and Apple Skewers recipe is out of this world! With ingredients like honey, red wine vinegar and the juices from your apples, pairing this dish with a Hefeweizen, or Wheat beer as it’s commonly known, will make for an incredible combination.


S’mores with an Imperial Stout

A favorite and easy dessert to finish off your meal is a must! Try this S’mores recipe and make sure to pair it with an Imperial Stout. This type of beer is known for its deep, roasted flavor, which complements the S’mores.

Those are some great recipes to pair with all types of beer on National Beer Day, or any day for that matter. Remember to match strength with strength when pairing foods with beers. Strong beers go with strong foods and vice-versa. It’s also important to recognize common flavors or aromas as well.

For additional recipes and ideas on how to grill with beer as well, visit our recipes page and try out some new combinations!

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