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Fan Favorite Grilling Recipes

Fan Favorite Grilling Recipes

Some of Our Favorite Grilling Recipes Created by Our Fans!

You have always come through. Over recent years, we have requested you – our loyal Blue Rhino fans – to submit your favorite grilling recipes. In the past, we’ve expressed our gratitude to you for sharing some of your favorite delicious meals that you make for your family and friends. It’s an honor to share these recipes on our website under a now-robust “Fan Favorites” section.

We’re excited for our “Fan Favorites” list to continue to grow for many years to come! Since we now have a list of 30 recipes crafted by our fans, we wanted to share a few of them with you for your next cookout. Sharing is caring, after all!

Without any further delay, check out some of these grilling recipes whipped up by loyal Blue Rhino fans! From shrimp to lasagna to zucchini sticks, you’ll get a little bit of everything!


Best Summer Shrimp (Courtesy of Steve E.)

xxxx Blue Rhino fan Steve E. brings shrimp to the forefront of the summer barbecue lineup with this tasty dish! With garlic salt, cayenne pepper seasonings, and a mayonnaise glaze, this shrimp recipe will satisfy the taste buds. And with a name like that, this recipe also comes with great expectations. But there’s no letdown here. The Best Summer Shrimp lives up to the hype. As we cruise through the last part of summer, you will soon discover this recipe is a fan favorite for a reason. Plus, it only takes approximately 30 minutes to prepare. You can’t go wrong with a dish like that at any cookout!


Grilled Lasagna (Courtesy of Cher B.)

Grilled Lasagna We always love it when fans find ways to grill different foods. In this case, Cher B. recommends grilling the classic comfort food – lasagna. It’s a fantastic idea, because who doesn’t love a delicious Italian dish – this time grilled to perfection! To pull it off, place the lasagna noodles on a side burner and sauté the ground beef, sausage, onions, peppers, and the seasoning on another side burner or directly on the grill. Once finished, in a foil pan, layer noodles, meat and veggies, sauce, and cheese, and grill the lasagna for approximately one hour. Your Italian feast awaits you!


Burgers with Mexican Flare (Courtesy of Michael S.)

Burgers with Mexican Flare A burger with a kick? Bring it on, says Blue Rhino fan Michael S. We’ll happily co-sign on this mouthwatering masterpiece! These 80/20 ground beef patties are formed with cumin and red onions to provide the delicious spicy burger tastes. After grilling to your preference, top the meat with your choice of lettuce, tomato, and onion. Don’t forget the cheese, and if you’re looking for some more kick, sign up for some pepper jack. That’s really where the flare comes in!


Zucchini Sticks (Courtesy of Maria B.)

Zucchini Sticks Easy to make and delicious when it comes off the grill, Maria B.’s zucchini sticks have an irresistible juicy flavor that you’ll be craving until you grill them again! The key to a well-balanced meal is having a side of vegetables, and these zucchini sticks are perfect for kids and adults alike. This recipe only takes 10-20 minutes to make before you’re wondering why you hadn’t grilled zucchini sooner. If you’re a zucchini grilling newbie, place 5-inch zucchini wedges onto your preheated grill at medium heat. Grill each side for 2 to 3 minutes apiece, and you’re well on your way with a perfect green side dish!


Grilled Chicken Wings (Courtesy of JoAnn J.)

Grilled Chicken Wings Dedicated fan JoAnn J. loves herself some chicken wings, and she has quite the recipe to back up that fact. Chicken wings, of course, are long known as the perfect gameday snack. Whether for an in-home watch party, a pregame tailgate, or at your favorite sports bar, chicken wings always pair well with sports. But, if we’re being honest here, chicken wings can be devoured as an appetizer or a main course on any occasion. JoAnn’s recipe is straightforward – soy sauce, garlic powder, and pepper. Like most wing recipes, it does require a bit of planning, including 6-12 hours of prep time to allow the overnight marinate. You’ll quickly learn it’s worth the wait!


If you haven’t considered sharing your recipe and want to show off yours, we challenge you to post your recipes on social media with the hashtag #BlueRhinoPropane! And remember, if you’re ever in need of more propane, use our Propane Finder to secure your next Blue Rhino tank!

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