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Griddle Your Breakfast

Friends around a wood table with breakfast food on it.

For years, Blue Rhino propane tanks fueled grills, along with many other propane appliances like firepits and patio heaters. Now, more and more grillers are adding griddles to their backyards, and Blue Rhino is fueling theirs too! Blue Rhino’s long history has shown that propane tanks are great for grilling dinner, but when used to fuel an outdoor griddle, they are perfect for preparing breakfast as well.

With their large surface area, griddles make cooking a lot of food at once easy! Griddles have no grates, which allows for a strong direct heat across the entire surface and prevents any food from falling through. It’s important to clean the griddle while it’s still hot. Just scrape off excess food or grease and it will be a breeze.

Not sure where to start? Fluffy pancakes are always a great crowd-pleaser, especially if you make your own maple syrup. Feel free to add in some toppings like fresh strawberries, blueberries or bananas.

You could also try whipping up a sausage breakfast burrito. This recipe is easily edited to accommodate what you have in your refrigerator, or what your family likes. If you don’t have onions and peppers, throw in some mushrooms or spinach instead. Make it vegetarian by leaving out the sausage and adding a meat alternative instead. Who knows, it could become your family’s signature breakfast dish!

You can also make a grilled breakfast skillet, courtesy of a recipe from our partners at Operation BBQ Relief. Save time in the morning by chopping up ingredients the night before. Lastly, get creative with your herbs and spices! Fresh parsley is a great option, but consider adding rosemary, thyme or even cilantro and cayenne pepper for a new twist.

Griddling your meals will open a whole new world of cooking options for you and your family! Get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and cook up a dish that you can enjoy together any day of the week.

In the morning, the one thing worse than running out of coffee is running out of propane. Use our Propane Finder and pick up a fresh Blue Rhino so you’ll be ready to griddle up your breakfast!


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