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Mardi Gras Cajun-Style Grilling Recipes

Mardi Gras Cajun-Style Grilling Recipes

Put your grill master hat on and toss some beads around your neck because it’s time for Mardi Gras! We have a strong list of Cajun-style recipes to entice you to grill for the entire family.

What sounds best? A grilled Cajun chuck roast with spicy cheddar grits? The Haitian creole grilled chicken? Foil pack shrimp bundles? Or the Creole BBQ sauce? We’ve provided the recipes below for your consideration.


Grilled Cajun Chuck Roast with Spicy Cheddar Grits

It may have a long name, but you won’t regret this selection. The perfect combination of Cajun-seasoned chuck roast and cheddar grits will have the family asking for more. And what’s more to want?


Haitian Creole Grilled Chicken (Credit: KCBS)

Full disclosure, this takes a while to prepare. But you’ll see – and taste – that it’s well worth the wait, and so will the beneficiaries of your hard work! A full five pounds of cut-up chicken, Creole sauce and pork fat are the main ingredients, which are completed in a thorough marinade process to perfectly flavor the chicken.


Foil Pack Shrimp Bundles (Credit: Kraft Foods)

A trip to the sea never hurts anybody. Mix things up with a quality shrimp recipe that includes rice and green beans, all wrapped in foil. This recipe is complemented with Italian dressing and a Dijon mustard.


Creole BBQ Sauce (Credit: Kraft Foods)

Are you looking to spice things up? Then we have the recipe for you. With chopped onions and green peppers, ground black and red peppers and garlic powder, the Creole BBQ sauce is sure to provide the kick that you’re looking for.

With any of these Cajun-style options, you’ll be sure to want to try more and more. And when you’re at that point, by all means, go for it.

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