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RhinoRecipe Recap A Summary of Our Winning Recipes

#RhinoRecipe Recap: A Summary of Our Winning Recipes

You’ve done it again! Thank you to everyone who submitted their fantastic recipes for this year’s #RhinoRecipe Contest. Like last year, we saw an extremely strong response, and we were impressed with your creativity. Choosing the winners was certainly no easy task, as we saw so many unique and mouthwatering recipes!

And, only because it’s not fair to keep them all to ourselves, we are pleased to share some of our favorite recipe submissions with you. So, without further ado, the winning recipes for the 2020 #RhinoRecipe Contest:


Steven’s Caribbean Pineapple Shrimp Fajitas

Pineapples, shrimp, and Caribbean rice go together like two peas in a pod. Or, in this case, three peas in a pod! These fajitas are loaded with sweet and spicy flavors to make a colorful and tropical dish. Caribbean food is known for its bold, flavorful, hot, and fresh tastes, representing a world cuisine that is quite unique – much like this recipe. And, to add to that kick a bit, don’t forget the peppers and onions – and some teriyaki sauce if you so choose. These bad boys can kick off any barbecue as an appetizer or be featured as a main dish! They have a fiery taste to them and are easy to munch on, too. It’s also the perfect opportunity to put your Blue Rhino Razor Portable LP Gas Griddle to use! This recipe is a home run anywhere in the world.


Jon’s Smoke Pork Shots

This recipe absolutely passes the eye test. The word may not be in the recipe title, but bacon may just be the centerpiece to this recipe. Slices of bacon wrap around sausage and held together by a cheesy mixture that contains shredded cheese, cream cheese, chile peppers, chile powder, and barbecue rub. The bacon, sausage, and barbecue rub provide that delicious pork taste that you’re craving. Bacon is always great to make on the grill. Why? For starters, making bacon outside stops its unique smell from lingering in your home for an entire day. Also, you can use multiple grilling methods, including indirect heat and using aluminum foil, to get your bacon to just the right amount of crispness. And finally, it’s impossible to not love bacon with these delicious fixings. For this recipe, you’ll mix the cheeses, chiles, and the rub into a mixing bowl before wrapping the bacon slices around the smoked sausages to ultimately create small bacon bowls. Then, pour the mixture inside each bacon bowl, and in no time, you’ll be grilling your new favorite snack! It’s safe to say this recipe will pass the taste test, too.


Laurie’s Grilled Greek Potato Skins

The potato skins have long been an appetizer favorite quite simply because they’re delicious. So why not add a Greek twist to the crowd-pleaser? These crispy potato skins blend perfectly with Feta or fresh goat cheese, prosciutto or bacon pieces, fresh oregano leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, and kalamata olives. For clarity, prosciutto is used if you’re interested in a more salty, meaty flavor. Before being prepared, each potato is wrapped in aluminum foil and grilled until a fork can pierce the potatoes. Then, the ingredients are mashed together before being placed inside the now-halved potatoes. Believe us when we say that the end product is one for the (recipe) books.


Jaime’s Cheese Skirt Smash Burgers

Are you looking to make a lasting impression on your guests? Then grill this irresistible smash burger. Blend ground chuck, brisket, and bacon together to create the perfect smash burger taste you never thought was possible! The variations of meat give this recipe the smash, but it’s the cheese skirt that really completes this burger. The hefty portion of shredded cheese should extend past both sides of the patty to ensure an appropriate cheese skirt, making it impossible for the first bite to even reach the meat. Topped with a brioche or sourdough bun, this recipe is not for the faint of heart, but it’s every cheese lover’s wildest dream!


See, we told you the creativity was present this year! It’s the type of effort we like to see out of our favorite people. Now it’s time to get back in front of your gas grill and try one of these recipes today (or any of these, of course).

And even though this contest has come to a close, don’t be shy. Before trying your hand at next year’s #RhinoRecipe Contest, continue to share your barbecue experiences on our social media channels. You just never know when we might respond!

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