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Your 5-Star Memorial Day Menu on the Grill

Your 5-Star Memorial Day Menu on the Grill

Nearly 43 million Americans are expected to hit the road this Memorial Day weekend, and 56 percent of those will be grilling. Whether you’re packing up the car for a trip or staying close to home, celebrate the unofficial start of summer by grilling for family and friends.

Not only will you have the awesome responsibility of wielding tongs and a spatula, you’ll have these five sizzling recipes to impress loved ones with at your Memorial Day barbecue!


Cheesehead Sliders

Cheesehead Sliders Don’t let the size of these mini patties fool you. Those who follow this recipe will be rewarded with larger-than-life flavors that will keep the hungriest family members full and happy!


Honey Mustard Beer Brats

Honey Mustard Beer Brats Nothing smells more like summer than brats sizzling on a propane grill. Care to kick things up a notch? Add this sweet and savory honey mustard marinade for a flavor that will ignite your tastebuds.


Grilled Prosciutto Asparagus

Grilled Prosciutto Asparagus We’re with you… we’d say yes to anything wrapped in prosciutto, especially grilled asparagus. After just one look at this delicious side dish, all we can say now is “yum!”


Red Eye Grillin’ Beans

Red Eye Grillin’ Beans Feast your eyes on a recipe so unique, we won’t even fully spell one of our favorite words. There’s enough bacon in this recipe to make you blush, and the fresh jalapeno topping is sure to provide just the right bite!


BBQ Apple Pies

BBQ Apple Pies What could possibly be more American than apple pie on Memorial Day? How about preparing that pie in the coolest way possible on your propane grill! Once you complete the easy prep, expect the best dessert on the block to be done in 30 minutes or less.


After enduring a cold winter and rainy spring, all we can think about is a summer filled with grilled treats. It’s time to dust off the apron… summer grilling season is here!

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