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Healthy and Yummy: You Can’t Beat Veggies on the Grill!

Looking for a way to add flavor and color to your next cookout? Look no further than grilled vegetables! Veggies are a healthy side that can even star as your main course from time to time. The heat from your grill will help caramelize the natural sugars and juices in vegetables, making this a surefire way to light up your taste buds.

There are a few different techniques to grilling veggies, but our personal favorite is utilizing the grilling pouch method. All you need are your veggies, some aluminum foil, cooking spray and seasonings, and a designated spot on your grill. Check out this video showing you just how to grill up some yummy veggies:


Step 1: Pick an assortment of veggies

The first step in this process is selecting a medley of vegetables that will complement your main dish, or that you simply enjoy. Cut up and dice a few mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and zucchini for this bundle of veggies recipe. Once prepared, set them off to the side of your grill, or leave them in the kitchen and proceed to step two.

Step 2: Build your base

Tear off a sizeable portion of aluminum foil to accommodate the amount of vegetables you plan on preparing. If you plan on making several portions, feel free to use multiple pieces of foil to allow for a more thorough grill. Place your vegetables near the center of your foil and get ready to add some more flavor.

Step 3: Take it up a notch

Enhance the taste of your veggies with a coat of oil and seasoning. Add a bit of cooking spray over the vegetables and then choose a seasoning. Burger seasoning works well here, but salt and pepper do the trick as well.

Step 4: Fold neatly and start grilling

The final step is to create your pouch. Fold the sides of your aluminum foil over the vegetables. Try to keep the veggies compact, as this will help create and even heat through the center of your pouch. Lastly, take your pouch and place it on the grill over indirect heat. Depending on the vegetables you chose, your pouch should be ready to serve after about 10 minutes on the grill.


For a few veggie recipes that will win over all your friends and family, browse through the Blue Rhino recipes page and start grilling!

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