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April Showers, Grilling Power

Grill on a outdoor patio with food on the cooking grids.

It’s April! It’s spring! And it’s raining! Don’t let the gray skies get you down. You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” And what do May flowers bring? If you said prime grilling season, you’re right! But you don’t have to wait for warmer weather to get out your grill. Don’t let a little rain dampen your grilling spirit! Any time of year is a great time to make a delectable meal. So, get out your raincoat and read on for some rain-resistant grilling tips, quick recipes, and more.


Focus on Safety

First, let’s talk safety. You should never grill when strong winds, thunder, or lightning are present. The same goes if there’s a risk of flooding in your area. If it’s not safe for you to be outside, you shouldn’t be grilling. And forget about moving your grill to the garage. Propane grills are safest when they are operated outside and should never be operated indoors.

As you get your grill ready for spring, now is a great time to review the manufacturer’s guide for your grill and take a look at the safety messaging on the side of your Blue Rhino propane tank or at Be sure to check your tank and grill for wear and tear, as well as leaks. You can find helpful information on how to do that properly here.

Never operate your grill inside your home or garage, or within 10 feet of anything combustible. That includes your home, your deck or porch, your shed, trees, bushes, and other flammable materials or structures.

In addition, you’ll want to use springtime as an opportunity to consider where you store your extra Blue Rhino grilling tanks. You should never store them inside, including in your garage or shed. Propane tanks are best stored outside in a well-ventilated, flat, stable area. Bonus points if that spot is in the shade!


Overcoming the Rain

Now let’s talk about that spring rain. If you’re wondering how you’re going to fire up your grill while it’s raining outside, there are some things you can do to make your experience a little more weather resistant.

To protect your grill from rain when you’re not using it, invest in a weather-resistant grill cover. A good, sturdy cover can offer protection in all types of weather. Rain and metal – in other words, your grill – don’t mix. By protecting your grill, you can help ward off rust and other weather-related damage, too. You’ll always want to clean and dry your grill after each use, then cover it again once it’s cool.

While we’re on the subject, don’t forget your raincoat! Find one that’s waterproof, not just water resistant, for the best protection. You’ll also want to wear good, sturdy, waterproof footwear to prevent slips and falls. Traction is key when you’re outdoors in the rain. Wearing a grill apron can also help keep your clothes dry. Whatever you wear, be sure that your clothing doesn't get too close to the flame.

No matter what spring weather throws you, always make sure your grill is on a stable surface away from flammable materials. Store it in a dry area, ideally out of direct sunlight but somewhere with air flow. A shady corner of your patio is a great spot. You can find more grilling safety tips here.


Quick, Delicious Recipes

Even with your raincoat, your boots, and your apron, you’ll want to limit the amount of time you’re outside grilling. No one wants to be cold, wet, and miserable. That’s why we are featuring these easy, time-saving recipes.

Pineapple Stuffed Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon

Three finished bacon raps in toothpicks on a green plate, sitting on a off yellow table. First, try these Pineapple Stuffed Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon. Now that sounds like summer! With just three ingredients, this dish is quick to assemble and easy to cook. Shrimp take just minutes to be fully cooked, so you’ll be back inside where it’s warm and dry before you know it.


Simple Grilled Ribeye

Grilled steak with french fries and green beans on a white a plate, sitting on a granite table. If steak is more your thing, you can make this Simple Grilled Ribeye. And when we say simple, we mean simple! Salt and pepper to taste bring out the ribeye’s natural flavors and highlight your professional-looking grill marks. Now that’s how you make steak!


Toasted Pecan Tilapia

Closeup of grilled toasted pecan tilapia on a blue plate. Toasted Pecan Tilapia will help you look past the rain and see the sand and surf instead. Nutty pecans and seasoned breadcrumbs give this fish dish a perfectly buttery, crunchy crust. Flaky tilapia cooked in a cast-iron pan on the grill sizzles away until it’s the perfect temperature. A little hot sauce adds some zing to this recipe.


S’mores Waffle Cones

Two finished s'mores waffle cones standing up aluminum foil at the base, with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and a third s'mores waffle cones on a white plate, sitting on a wood patio table, wi Just because you’re grilling in the rain doesn’t mean you don’t have time to make dessert! Grilled S’mores Waffle Cones are portable and they cook up quickly. Who doesn’t love the combination of chocolate, marshmallows, and ice cream cones? It’s sure to be a hit with your family. We have our partners at Operation BBQ Relief to thank for this delicious recipe!


Fuel Up!

You can’t fire up your trusty gas grill without propane! Think for a minute. Is the tank you have nearly empty from all that grilling you did last summer? Now’s a great time to take stock of what’s on hand. Why not pick up an extra tank while you’re out? The only thing better than a fresh Blue Rhino is a second one – or a third. By having extra propane at home, you’ll ensure you have uninterrupted grilling all spring and summer long. Not sure where to find a Blue Rhino retailer? Click here to find a location near you. Also, sign up for emails for reminders, yummy recipes, and more!


You may even be able to skip a trip to the store. Blue Rhino Home Delivery is now offered in some areas. We’ll bring a fresh tank right to your home and you’ll never have to leave the house. Click here to see if it’s available in your neighborhood!


Now Get Grilling!

Now it’s time to get grilling! Don’t let a little rain keep you from manning the grill this spring. Just be sure to pay attention to any local weather warnings about potential storms or other weather events. The safety of you - our customer - is our primary focus. Now grab your raincoat and get outside!

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