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Barbecue Your Breakfast

Barbecue Your Breakfast

It's morning in America. Start it at your grill!

Most backyard chefs automatically think about grilling lunch or dinner. Few people think about grilling breakfast. In fact, according to the HPBA, only 6% of people prepared breakfast on a grill last year.

Yet breakfast might be the best meal of all to grill. Grilling can add extra flavor to your breakfast, which is always welcome. Breakfast on your grill is also very easy. You can cook almost anything on your grill that you normally cook inside, and there are plenty of simple recipes available. There's even less to clean up. It's fun too, which makes it the perfect way to start any day. And who doesn't like savoring the outdoors on a cool summer or crisp fall morning?

Try it yourself! Start with any of the great breakfast recipes here at, like the Breakfast Bread Bowl. Or visit the HPBA's Barbecue Your Breakfast Recipes.

Source: HPBA 2017 State of the Barbecue Market Report.

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