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Building the Picture-perfect Pizza on your Grill

Building the picture-perfect pizza on your grill

Arguably one of Italy’s best and most delicious exports, pizza is enjoyed across the world in many styles and flavors. Regardless of the way it’s dressed up, at its core pizza combines three simple ingredients. The tasty arrangement of dough, sauce and cheese is one that brings mouth-watering excitement to anyone’s next meal. But pizza gets its pizzazz from the numerous toppings and methods you can make it. Our preferred method, however, is pizza on the grill. Never tried it? Well here are all the tips and tricks to making the perfect pizza on your gas grill.


Using a Pizza Stone and Alternative Cooking Methods

Apart from the ingredients themselves, there’s one bare necessity to making pizza on your grill – the pizza stone. Grilling enthusiasts know how quickly their gas grills can heat up, and how important it is to keep that heat when making a delicious meal. The pizza stone is the perfect solution and aids in the grilling process as it conducts and holds heat, allowing the stone to properly cook your pizza crust at an even temperature. Moreover, the pizza stone eliminates the possibility of your dough caving in and getting underneath the grates of your grill. So if you want to avoid charred pizza or having to start over from scratch, invest in a pizza stone.

Alternatives to the pizza stone, like heat-resistant cookie sheets, grilling pizza directly on your grill’s grates, or on top of aluminum foil require a little more attention, but often yield the same results. If convenience is what you’re aiming for, there are even products designed for outdoor pizza cooking that mimic the classic brick ovens found in pizzerias across the country, and certain high-heat devices that can cook pizza in a minute flat.


Picking your Pizza Toppings

Here comes the fun part! Whether you’ve bought pre-made pizza dough or opt to make it from scratch, now’s your chance to create the pizza of your dreams. The great thing about pizza is that nothing is off limits. Yes, even pineapple can go on pizza, but you might get a little backlash from that. Fresh ingredients will go a long way though, so whenever possible, we recommend using fresh veggies, ripe tomatoes for your pizza sauce, and properly-cooked meats to give your pizza a robust flavor. Be sure to assemble your ingredients in advance and top them once you’ve put your dough on the pizza stone. This will create that authentic restaurant taste you’ve been searching for.

In our opinion, there’s no wrong time for pizza, and your choice of toppings can prove that. Your childhood dream of having pizza for breakfast is only a few steps away with the right ingredients. Case in point is this delicious Breakfast Sausage and Hash Brown Pizza. A hearty meal is just over your grill’s horizon when you throw on some classic breakfast items on your pizza dough. We also encourage you to check out some of our other favorites, like this BBQ Chicken Pizza and Pumpkin and Pancetta Pizza.


Need More Pizza Recipes?

We’re not here to argue whether New York or Chicago has the best pizza. In fact, we could make the case that the best pizza is the one you can make in your own backyard. Create your own pizza with unique twists and flavors from the comfort of your home. Try out our array of pizza recipes and let us know which one is your favorite! And don’t forget the propane. Visit our Propane Finder to find the closest location carrying Blue Rhino.

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