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Celebrate Halloween with a Spooky Cookout

Celebrate Halloween with a Spooky Cookout

Halloween isn’t just about the costumes and the candy. It’s about spending time with family and friends and making some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Think about it. What do you remember most about Halloween? Was there a neighbor on your street who set up a haunted house? Did your mom or dad go with you to collect all that candy, or did you go with five of your closest friends? What candy did you reach for every time you said, “Trick or Treat?” All those things shaped your Halloween memories growing up. And just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean those wonderful memories have to stop. In this blog post, we’re going to share how you can use your grill or griddle to make your home the most popular one on the block this year.


A Brief History of Halloween

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st every year. According to, it started as an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. The festival marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Many associated the colder weather with death. On October 31st, people believed ghosts of the dead returned to earth. Everyone at the festival would set up bonfires and wear costumes because they believed it warded off the ghosts.

The celebration shifted in the eighth century when Pope Gregory III decided November 1st should be a day to honor the saints. The day before that holy day became All Hallows Eve, which was eventually shortened to Halloween.


Halloween of Today

Now, there’s so much more to Halloween. Yes, there are still bonfires and costumes. But over the years, people added their own traditions and it morphed into the sugar and pumpkin-filled holiday we know today.

Many people throw Halloween parties, encouraging guests to wear their most creative, outlandish costumes – with a prize for the best one. There are debates, like, Candy Corn – delicious or awful? And if you’re a parent, you’re probably guilty to sneaking a piece – or 10 – of your child’s Halloween candy stash.


How You Can Plan an Extended Celebration

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, so really, you can celebrate all weekend long. Most communities hold Trick-or-Treat night on October 31st, so that frees up your weekend for plenty of other Halloween-related activities.

The key is preparation. Do you have your candy ready? Your costume? Are your decorations on point? Whether you do a more low-key Halloween or go all out, making a list can help you make sure you have everything covered.


Get Outside!

You may have already noticed the shorter days and that chill in the air. Fall is in full swing, but chances are, it’s not so cold that you need your big winter coat just yet. In fact, Halloween may be one of the last chances you’ll get to host an outdoor gathering this year. You could tell spooky stories around your propane-fueled fire table or make some s’mores. A full mug of warm apple cider is sure to keep your hands nice and toasty while you’re spending time outside with family and friends. Don’t forget some extra blankets in case the temperatures drop as it gets dark!


Gear Up for Grill-o-ween!

While you’re outside, why not break out the grill? A Halloween-themed cookout is a great way to savor that last little bit of fresh air before the winter weather hits. You can even set up your grill or griddle in your driveway to have a barbecue while all those trick-or-treaters stop by.

Don’t forget to make sure your propane tank is ready! You can use our Propane Finder to locate a store near you. Or Blue Rhino offers Home Delivery in select areas.

Wondering what to serve? Check out our Spooky Grilled Ghost Pizza. It’s sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike. You’ll get to show off your chef-like knife skills by cutting mozzarella cheese into ghost shapes and slicing olives to look like little spiders. The great part? Your pizza should be ready in less than 10 minutes – perfect if you’ve worked up a ghoulish appetite.

Speaking of knife skills, how about a fresh fall take on a stuffed pepper? To make our Jack O’ Lantern Grilled Stuffed Peppers, you’ll need to carve tiny little faces into bell peppers (any color will do). Then, you’ll stuff them with a flavorful mixture of ground beef, onion, tomato, garlic, chili sauce, and other ingredients and cook them on the grill. For some added Halloween fun, the peppers may shrivel and char slightly as they’re cooking, leaving you with a very spooky-looking meal.

What would a cookout be without burgers? Our Grilled “Vamburgers” have little vampire fangs made out of ooey, gooey, melted Swiss cheese and olives for googly eyes. Guests can add their choice of toppings – including pickles or onions for some extra bite.

Here’s a crowd favorite: Grilled Mummy Dogs. Pre-made crescent roll dough makes these tightly wrapped treats a cinch to make. A quick squirt of ketchup on the top and some candy eyes will really make these portable snacks pop. They’re perfect for a quick refuel as the kids hop from house to house, filling up their buckets, bags, or pillowcases with candy.


The Sugar Rush Is Over

So, Halloween weekend has come and gone. You have more candy in your home than you know what to do with, and don’t want it to go to waste like it did last year. Now what?

Don’t put that griddle away just yet. We have a flavorful, sweet and savory recipe for you to try: Halloween Candy Grilled Cheese. This fresh take on an old favorite incorporates melted Brie and creamy Mascarpone cheese, bananas, and – wait for it – some of that leftover Halloween candy. We suggest chocolate-covered caramel candy bars, but feel free to mix it up with your favorite treat. The result? A perfectly toasted sandwich with a creamy, fruit and candy-filled center. It’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and fill you up. You can also garnish it with a sprig of fresh mint if you’re feeling fancy.


Just Have Fun!

Regardless of your Halloween plans, we want you to have fun! We at Blue Rhino wish you a safe, happy, and healthy Halloween. Now go fire up the grill – and have some candy for us! Your neighbors are waiting.

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