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Creating a Successfully Spooky Halloween

Picture of a cheeseburger with a pumpkin for a bun.

Ah, Halloween. It’s a holiday that can be silly. Spooky. Even downright scary. No matter how you and your family choose to celebrate, all those fun costumes, decorations, and sweet treats can really bring everyone together. This Halloween, Blue Rhino has some tips so that you can celebrate in a big way.


Setting The Scene for Trick-Or-Treating

Chances are when you were younger, you always knew which home you absolutely had to visit during trick-or-treat. Maybe it was the house that gave out full-sized candy bars or the one that set up a haunted house. We’ve even heard of houses where the homeowners dress up, pretend to be statues, and then leap up and scare any kids who get too close. The truth is, you don’t have to go all out to make Halloween memorable. Some key finishing touches will help you set the scene for your celebration.

First, get some easy decorations that can spruce up your home and welcome trick-or-treaters. You can put fake spider webs in the bushes and trees outside or line your front walkway or porch with pumpkins. You can even carve some jack-o-lanterns for a little more flair. One simple swap? Put colored lightbulbs in your porch lights or lamps in the window. Orange, green, and purple are great Halloween-themed colors. They’ll give your home a spooky look that’ll have the trick-or-treaters giggling with delight. Consider adding other decorations, like streamers, in similar colors to tie the whole look together.

Do you love sitting at the end of the driveway to hand out candy? You may want to get a propane- powered fire table or space heater to ward off the October chill. Make sure you have a fresh tank of Blue Rhino propane handy to keep the warmth going while the trick-or-treaters are busy, or maybe even after that if you want to celebrate longer. Bonus: You can make s’mores on the fire table!

If you want your home to be a little less spooky and a little more family friendly, consider setting up activities or games in your yard or driveway. Cornhole and card games are easy to play and fun for many age groups. Instead of having everyone bob for apples, get a few butterfly nets instead. The kids will love fishing the apples out of the water rather than getting all wet. Invite everyone who walks by to join in.


Switch Up Your Treats

Not everyone likes candy. Others are allergic to certain ingredients. This can make Halloween a difficult holiday for some people. Having a variety of items to hand out will help everyone get into the Halloween spirit.

First, consider having two bowls of items to give out – one full of traditional candy, and one that contains non-food items that are safe for anyone who has food allergies or doesn’t like candy. The second bowl can contain things like miniature games, fruit, or tiny pumpkins and gourds. Halloween-themed pens, pencils, stickers, and erasers are usually a big hit, too. Pro tip: Place a teal-colored pumpkin outside your home to show you have items to give out that aren’t food related.

You’ll also be the hit of the neighborhood with this next tip. Break out the grill and have a community barbecue in your driveway! The grown-ups deserve some treats on Halloween, too, right? And kids can get hungry running up and down the street! Don’t forget a cooler full of beverages. Trick-or-treating is hard work. Your neighbors will need to hydrate! Blue Rhino has some spooky recipes for you to try at your barbecue. Check out the Halloween-inspired recipes below!


Halloween Candy Grilled Cheese

Grilled white bread sandwhich sitting on a white plate This Halloween Candy Grilled Cheese is as good as it sounds. Honey, bananas, candy bar pieces, and brie cheese give this portable sandwich a sweet and salty quality. Plus, it cooks up quickly so you can make sure each guest gets one before they move on to the next house.


Grilled Mummy Dogs

Hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll strips topped with ketchup and candy eyes Grilled Mummy Dogs will have the neighborhood kids in stitches! These perfectly portioned snacks really do look like little mummies. Add some ketchup, which looks like fake blood, for some added fun.


Grilled Vamburgers

Cheeseburger that mimics a vampire How about some Grilled Vamburgers to go with those hot dogs? These burgers are other worldly – both in taste and in appearance. They have stuffed olives for eyes and ooey gooey cheese for fangs. These ghoulish burgers are sure to please!


Jack O’ Lantern Grilled Stuffed Peppers

Red peppers  cut out like a jack-o-lantern stuffed with ground beef mixture on a black plate Are you really good at carving pumpkins? These Jack O’ Lantern Grilled Stuffed Peppers may be perfect for you! You can test your carving skills by adding eyes, noses, and mouths to each pepper before stuffing them with ground beef and popping them on the grill. Don’t forget to provide some cutlery, plates, and napkins for your guests so they can take a breather in between houses and eat!


Spooky Grilled Ghost Pizza

Pizza with ghost shaped cheese cutouts Finally, who doesn’t love pizza! Spooky Grilled Ghost Pizza will make everyone hungry for more. Cheese ghosts and olive spiders dance around a medley of other optional ingredients like ham, parsley, and pepperoni. This recipe is also easy to make because it calls for pre-made pizza dough and sauce. Assemble the pizza, grill it, and you’re done!


Our Treat to You

Make sure you have enough propane before you kick off your Halloween celebration! Use our easy propane finder to locate a retailer close to you. And to make your party preparation even easier, we now offer Home Delivery in some areas! We’ll bring a fresh Blue Rhino propane tank right to your home, saving you a trip to the store.

No matter how you’re doing this Halloween, we hope you have a happy and safe celebration! Happy Halloween from your friends at Blue Rhino!

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