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Gear Up For Grilling Season This Spring

Gear Up For Grilling Season This Spring

Most parts of the country had a pretty mild winter, but now it feels like Mother Nature is making up for it by starting spring off with snow and colder temperatures. It may have prevented you from getting out the grill as soon as you’d like, but don’t worry. It can be grilling season any time of year! Why not kick things off with a spring barbecue? We have all the tips and tricks to get you – and your grill – ready for warmer weather.


Get Your Grill Spring-Ready!

You don’t want to kick off your barbecuing season with bits of leftover food, dirt, and grime or even rust on the grill grates. A clean grill is a happy grill! It helps you start the season off on the right foot, and helps ensure you’re serving fresh, healthy, delicious food to your family and your guests.

Start by turning your grill on and go over the grates with a firm-bristle grill brush. You’ll be able to remove most of the debris before continuing the cleaning process. Be sure to wipe the grill clean with a paper towel after scraping.


Your grill may also need a tune-up after a long winter off. Consider washing your grill with special cleaner, both inside and out. You’ll also want to clean the valves and burners. Find tips on how to tune up your grill safely here.

Finally, you’ll want to season your grill. Doing so can help promote flavor and regulate temperatures. You’ll want to light your grill, preheat it with the lid closed, then coat the cooking grids with vegetable oil. Then, you’ll want to close the lid again, wait, then wipe the grates clean.


What Should You Grill?

Next, you’ll want to decide what you should grill at your first cook-out of the year. Think for a minute. What grilled meal do you miss the most from last year? Is it a juicy burger? A charred bratwurst on a soft, pillowy bun? Start with whatever you’re craving! Chances are, if you’re hungry for a certain dish, your guests will be too.

Side dishes can be a little more challenging. They’re usually not the star of the meal, but they certainly can be! An easy place to look for inspiration is your local farmer’s market. Start with what’s in season! Things like asparagus, artichokes, snap peas, shallots, beets, and green onions are readily available in the spring. They’ll be packed full of flavor and nutrients, giving your guests a truly memorable meal. You may also be able to find fresh cuts of meat at your local farmer’s market, keeping your meal seasonal and local.


Where Do You Start?

Okay. You’ve got the ingredients. You’re stocked up on seasonal veggies and fresh meat. But what exactly should you make? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Grilled Loquat and Roasted Beet Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

Grilled Loquat and Roasted Beet Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette Wondering what a loquat is? It’s a member of the evergreen family, and it produces orange fruit. The leaves can be used to make herbal tea. For this recipe, we’re using the fruit. You grill the loquats and beets, then nestle them around a bed of fresh baby arugula. A fresh, citrusy vinaigrette made with Meyer lemons and ruby red grapefruit juice balances out the flavors.


Grilled Espresso Steaks

Grilled Espresso Steaks You’ve probably seen the pros rub steak with chocolate or maybe even some chili flakes, so why not try it yourself? For your entrée, get out the espresso! These steaks have an earthy flavor with a little bit of heat that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Steak, Sugar Snap Pea, And Barley Salad

Steak, Sugar Snap Pea, And Barley Salad Steak doesn’t have to be the only star of your barbecue. This salad incorporates a freshly-grilled steak into a healthy, filling salad. The real highlight of this recipe is the dressing. Fresh parsley and grated lemon peel make it really taste like summer. Can you feel the sunshine on your face? We can!


Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Zest and Manchego Cheese

Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Zest and Manchego Cheese Looking for a new asparagus recipe? Look no further! This recipe is easy to prep and cooks quickly – perfect for hungry guests. Lemon brightens up the dish and the shaved cheese on top adds a savory, salty punch.


Onion Lover’s Grilled Steak Kabobs with Crumbled Blue Cheese

Onion Lover’s Grilled Steak Kabobs with Crumbled Blue Cheese Who loves onions? We do! We do! You’ll get your fill by making these kabobs. This recipe calls for green, red, yellow, white, and sweet onions. Bonus points if you can find a way to add more onions to these kabobs.


Beef Sausage, Wild Mushroom, and Artichoke Bread Pudding

Beef Sausage, Wild Mushroom, and Artichoke Bread Pudding When you think of bread pudding, what comes to mind? Chances are, it’s more of a dessert than an entrée. Think again! This recipe errs on the savory side. It has some earthy, umami flavors thanks to the fresh wild mushrooms. The artichokes add a hit of acid, which is balanced out by the beef sausage and beef broth. This recipe is comforting and filling – perfect for those cool, early spring days.


Zesty Barbecue Burgers

Zesty Barbecue Burgers Of course, don’t forget about the classics. These burgers will fill up guests of all ages, including the pickiest of eaters. Swap out regular buns for wheat ones for a little more texture and taste. You can also set up a toppings station with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, and more, so your guests can customize their dining experience.


Beer Glazed Brats and Sauerkraut

Beer Glazed Brats and Sauerkraut You can also try a new twist on bratwurst by taking it back to its German roots! The beer glaze on these brats balances sweet and sour with brown sugar and dry mustard powder. Be sure to make extra! Your guests are going to love them!


What About the Weather?

Spring weather can be unpredictable. You know the drill. One day it’s 50 degrees. Then 20. Then 70. Then 30. You never know if you need shorts, a winter coat, or an umbrella. Keep the weather in mind when planning your barbecue. Dress accordingly, and encourage your guests to do the same. If it’s getting a little chilly, turn on your trusty, propane-powered patio heater. Or, set up a fire table with seating around it so your guests can ward off the chill. Consider placing a large basket with some cozy blankets outside, too, in case your guests forget their coat.


Don’t Forget the Propane!

Our final tip? Don’t forget the Blue Rhino propane! You can pick one up at your local retailer. Not sure where it’s sold? Use our trusty Propane Finder to find a location near you. You can also text FIND to 75653 to find a nearby store that sells it. Home Delivery is also available in select markets, so you can save the trip to the store and focus on cooking.


Happy Grilling!

Now that your grill is clean, your fridge is stocked, and you’ve got your propane, get out there and grill! It’s never too early to serve up a freshly grilled meal. Give your family and friends a call, invite them over, and get ready for another year of wonderful backyard memories and fun fueled by Blue Rhino! Happy spring grilling!

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