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Grill These 5 Delicious Sweet Treat Recipes This Summer

Grill These 5 Delicious Sweet Treat Recipes This Summer

Will the person with a sweet tooth please stand up? You’re standing, right? That’s what we thought. Now, who doesn’t love a perfectly timed dessert to top off a delicious grilled meal? We certainly do. We have five dynamite sweet treat recipes that you can cook on your gas grill. As a plus, they’re easy recipes to follow, too. We’ll prove it!

Before we go any further, if you are new to grilling dessert, we’re here to help. Here are some quick tips:

  • Most desserts call for indirect grilling
  • Consider using cast-iron cookware to heat more evenly
  • Have plenty of butter to prevent the desserts from sticking to your grill

Now, on to the recipes:

1. Grilled Candy-Coated Chocolate Cookies

Grilled Candy-Coated Chocolate Cookies These cookies, topped with your favorite candies and chocolate, are perfect for the kiddos in your life! This recipe allows you the option of using a baking sheet or a pizza stone on top of your gas grill. This irresistible treat pairs well with a cold glass of milk or a giant scoop of ice cream!


2. Barbecue Ice Cream

Barbecue Ice Cream If you like ice cream (come on, who doesn’t?) you’ll surely devour this family-friendly recipe. Maybe even faster than the amount of time it takes to prep and grill? Taking only 10 minutes to prepare, barbecue ice cream can be ready quickly after your family has enjoyed that grilled chicken, steak, or burger.


3. Campfire Banana Splits

Campfire Banana Splits Another speedy recipe to make, campfire banana splits will satisfy all in no time! This classic dessert is even more flavorful fresh off your grill and provides a campfire taste without the hassle of having to build an actual campfire. Like most banana splits, this recipe calls for bananas, chocolate chips, and gooey marshmallows!


4. Grilled Pound Cake and Peaches with Bourbon Whipped Cream (Brought to you by Operation BBQ Relief)

Grilled Pound Cake and Peaches with Bourbon Whipped Cream Just like its name suggests, this recipe is a mouthful. But, man, it’s a treat that’s irresistible. This pound cake has loads of flavor. These tangy peaches perfectly complement the sweet bourbon whipped cream on top of the cake. It’s the perfect tasty treat to impress family and friends on any occasion.


5. Dessert Quesadillas (Courtesy: Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire)

Dessert Quesadillas There’s so much deliciousness to go around for this recipe. Ripe bananas, your choice of dulce de leche (milk caramel) or apricot jam, feta or goat cheese, cinnamon, sugar, and butter. Hungry yet? You don’t want to miss out on this special recipe. As Steven Raichlen himself describes his signature recipe, it’s an “outrageous” treat!


Left wanting more? These are just some of the dessert recipes we have to offer! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #BlueRhinoPropane on your social media channels while recreating these sweet treat recipes!

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