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Operation BBQ Relief Update

Operation BBQ Relief Update

November 13, 2018 - Tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires: nature has pummeled America this year, but Operation BBQ Relief (OBR) has been there, serving hot barbecue meals to those affected.

Over the last 60 days alone, the charity - staffed by volunteer competition chefs and other barbecue aficionados – has deployed in the wake of two major hurricanes: Florence and Michael. All told, OBR has served more than 1.1 million meals in communities affected by those storms.

Along the way, Operation BBQ Relief has worked with over 150 different groups to get hot meals to those that truly needed them, from the Salvation Army to church and civic groups to major companies.

When you've lost so much, nothing restores like a hot meal and a hand of friendship, as OBR has proven time and time again.

Blue Rhino has been standing beside OBR. Our propane tanks fueled the equipment cooking all of those meals. Our hard-working production personnel produced the many tanks OBR needed, and then our operations team braved high waters and obstructed roads to deliver them.

OBR has now served almost 3 million meals in disaster-stricken areas since it was founded in 2011. And the work is not done. California's wildfires, the most destructive in the state's history, await. Operation BBQ Relief is deploying to California now, and Blue Rhino will proudly help once again, fueling the relief that is needed by so many.

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