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The Best Foods to Grill for the Holiday Season

The Best Foods to Grill for the Holiday Season

When the calendar turns to December and the weather gets a little colder, that’s usually the biggest sign that the holiday season is here! No matter which of the many holidays you take part in, the holidays bring cheer, happiness, and a sense of warmth to everyone’s heart, despite those cold temperatures outdoors.

At Blue Rhino, we strongly believe that grilling is a year-round activity. But cold temperatures don't mean you need to spend the winter hibernating! There's no better way to spice up your holiday season than with incredible food made right on your grill. So, with your holiday plans in mind, here are some of the best grill-friendly recipes you can make from the comfort of your own backyard.


1. Grilled Ham with Lemon-Orange Glaze (Courtesy of Pork Checkoff)

One of the biggest advantages propane has over other fuels is its ability to heat up quickly and cook your food at just the right temperature. That point can’t be understated when you’re putting together a classic holiday meal where ham is the centerpiece. Because this Grilled Ham with Lemon-Orange Glaze recipe requires between two and two and a half hours of cook time, you’ll be glad you have propane on your side to do the heavy lifting. Start by preheating your grill to a medium-high heat, ranging between 375 and 425°F. Then, because you’ll be using the indirect cooking method when making this tasty ham, you’ll need to place a drip pan in the center of the grill, but not over the heat source. This will catch all the excess juices that come from the ham, preventing it from hitting your flame. While you wait for your grill to preheat, head back inside and score the top and sides of your ham with a knife, creating a crisscross pattern that will give the ham its signature look. Next, mix your aromatic and flavor-packed seasonings into a bowl, then rub it into the surface of the ham to give it a mouthwatering taste when grilled.

Now that you’re ready to grill, place the ham, with the score side up, on the center of the grill, right above the drip pan. Cover the ham with aluminum foil and let it cook for up to 90 minutes, making sure the internal temperature registers at 145°F for a medium-rare taste, or up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit for a well-done ham. Finally, combine your lemon marmalade and orange juice in a small bowl, and brush it over the ham. Grill it for about five more minutes, then let it stand for 15 minutes before cutting and serving. Grilling a ham requires patience, but there’s no beating the taste of this recipe during your holiday meal!


2. Leftover Holiday Pizza

The entire month of December is filled with holidays, which means plenty of food at the dinner table every single night. But with lots of food comes just as many leftovers. For years, Americans across the country have opened their refrigerators, and have been greeted by containers filled to the brim with the same food they ate for the past few nights. Well now, gone are the days of looking at your leftovers with despair. Thanks to our Leftover Holiday Pizza recipe, you can repackage all the pieces that made a good holiday dinner, and turn them into an even better post-holiday meal. And though the Italians may not think you’re a pizza purist, you really can’t go wrong with this recipe.

The key to any pizza on a grill is finding a good pizza stone. With most of them made of cordierite, clay or ceramic, they are great for conducting heat and giving your pizza a crust with that perfect firm, yet still chewy texture. Begin by preheating your grill to 400°F or on a high heat, and place the pizza stone in the grill and close the lid. When you’re back inside, begin prepping your pizza, starting by unfolding your crust and dividing it into two greased baking sheets. If you have a pizza stone, you can place the dough directly on your stone and grill the dough for approximately five to eight minutes, or until lightly golden. Now, this is where the fun comes in! Take your warmed leftover mashed potatoes and spread it over the dough as if it were tomato sauce. Then, layer your pizza with stuffing and turkey, covering that with cranberries and cheese. Next, place the pizza back on the cooking grid or on your stone and grill it for 10-12 minutes, until it has a nice golden brown color and the cheese melts. Finally, remove it from the grill and drizzle it in that tasty gravy! As soon as you take that first bite, you’ll never look at leftovers the same ever again!


3. Beer Steak (Courtesy of

Can it truly be the holidays if beer isn’t involved somehow? Apart from drinking your favorite brew, using it in a steak recipe combines two things that just about everyone loves. When you’ve grown tired of the traditional ham or turkey, Beer Steak will take your holiday cookout up a notch. There are several cuts of steak and each person might have their own preference, but this recipe calls for four tasty ribeye steaks, each weighing about a half pound. When grilling steak, the key is not to go overboard with the seasonings. Two tablespoons of sea salt and two tablespoons of lemon pepper sprinkled over both sides of the steak is enough to bring out the flavor of your ribeye. So, where does the beer come into all of this? Prior to tossing your steaks on the grill, you’ll want to place them into a large, shallow container after adding your seasonings. Then, you’ll create a beer marinade by gently pouring your favorite beer, or one that adds a unique flavor, over the steak. Make sure that your seasonings don’t wash off with the beer. After you cover the container and refrigerate it for one to two hours, the flavor from the seasoning and the beer will soak into the steak and be ready to toss on the grill. Start by preheating your grill on a high heat, then lightly oil the grates so your steak doesn’t stick. When ready, discard the marinade, place the steaks on the grill and cook until you reach your desired doneness. You can check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer and consult our internal temperature guide for what constitutes rare, medium, and well done. We’ll tell you now; the holidays never tasted so good thanks to this recipe!


4. Grilled Zucchini

When you’re busy preparing turkey, ham, or even steak for the holidays, the last thing you need is a side dish that takes up too much time and effort. This year, skip the extra hours of grocery shopping and preparing those extravagant sides, and put simplicity first with this Grilled Zucchini recipe. What’s unique about zucchini, apart from its health benefits, is its ability to transform your plate by adding a little color to it. Almost as common as the iconic deep green colored zucchini is the pale green, striped, yellow, or even orange zucchini. Whichever you end up choosing, the process of making it on your grill is easy as one, two, three! Once you’ve preheated your grill to a medium heat, begin slicing your zucchini in half lengthwise. Next, rub the zucchini with olive oil and add a sprinkle of oregano and pepper. When your grill is heated up, simply place the zucchini cut side down directly on the grill’s grates, and cook until well browned. This is what gives the zucchini those nice grill marks we all love. After about 15-20 minutes, they’ll be ready to take off the grill. When you’re ready to serve, sprinkle your finished product with lime juice and season it with a pinch of salt to enhance the flavor. And there you have it! In no time flat, you’ll have a side dish to pair with your main course for that holiday lunch or dinner!


5. Eggnog Cookies

The perfect holiday spread always has plenty of dessert on hand for those with a sweet tooth! Cookies are universally loved, and adding a bit of holiday flare to them makes your next meal that much better. In this Eggnog Cookie recipe, you combine two equally sweet, delicious, and signature holiday items into one tasty treat. Grilling these will take a little bit of creativity and one tool that will make your life a lot easier. To start, preheat your griddle, or toss a pizza stone on your grill, and heat it to at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit. As you wait for it to warm up, begin assembling your cookies. With a blender, combine the sugar cookie mix, egg, melted butter, and eggnog. Scoop the cookies out from your blender and place them on a parchment lined baking sheet using either a tablespoon, or metal scoop. Next, using the bottom of the rolling pin, slightly flatten the cookie and dip into cinnamon sugar to give it an added taste. When you’re ready to toss it on your griddle or pizza stone, make sure you do so carefully, as not to allow the cookies to break apart. Keep an eye on the temperature of your grill or griddle and adjust the dials to maintain an even 350 degrees throughout the grilling process. We suggest a grill time of about 10 minutes, but depending on how soft or hard you like your cookies, you can adjust that timeframe. Finally, they wouldn’t be mouthwatering and delicious treats without a bit of added glaze! While the cookies cool, whisk together your powdered sugar, nutmeg, and eggnog, and transfer it into a small freezer plastic bag – making sure to remove air from the top of the bag and seal it shut. Cut off the corner tip and pipe the glaze on top of the cookies. Serve on a decorative holiday plate alongside your favorite brandy, and all your family members will be giving you kudos until the next holiday season!


Stock Up with Blue Rhino During the Holidays

No matter where you’re spending this holiday season, there’s probably a Blue Rhino tank nearby that’s waiting to make your holiday season the best one yet. Visit our Propane Finder to learn where the closest location carrying our trusted brand is, and pick up an extra tank for holidays. It will certainly come in handy when you’re making these recipes and so many more!

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