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Top Recipes to Make on Your Grill This Summer

Warmer weather calls for plenty of outdoor activities, and now that summer is here, it’s time for your grill to make an appearance as well. But you can’t fire up the grill without a few incredible recipes in your back pocket. That’s why we’ve got your summer grilling needs covered. Check out these delicious, grill-friendly foods that you’ll want to make well past this season!

Beef Brisket on a Gas Grill

Every barbecue calls for plenty of meat on the grill, and this Beef Brisket recipe is sure to impress. Give yourself plenty of time and purchase enough Blue Rhino propane, as there is a lengthy grill time for this meal. Brisket can take anywhere from 10 to 12 hours on the grill to finish cooking and acquire its smoky taste. While some may prefer their brisket without barbecue sauce, it won’t hurt to make it your own and add your favorite sauce to the brisket as well.


BBQ Chicken Pizza

Say goodbye to carry-out and hello to delicious, grilled pizza! Gone are the days of waiting for your delivery to arrive and getting the wrong order. With this BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe, you’ll be able to create your favorite pizza all summer long. A pizza stone and some fresh toppings are all you need to make a memorable meal for all your friends and family. Be sure to set your pizza stone so it’s not over the flame of your grill. Indirect heat will allow the pizza to cook evenly without burning the base of the pizza.


Coriander and Black Pepper Beer Can Chicken

Beer can chicken. Yes, you heard that right! You can prepare an incredibly succulent and aromatic chicken recipe on your grill with just a few spices and an empty can of beer. This Coriander and Black Pepper Beer Can Chicken recipe makes four delicious servings and packs plenty of flavor into each bite. Serve it with some grilled potatoes and hot lemon wedges to round out your meal.


Sweet Heat Wings

A full plate of wings can make anyone’s mouth water, and these Sweet Heat Wings are no exception. As the name of this recipe suggests, these wings strike a delicate balance between sweet and spicy thanks to a combination of sweet chili sauce and garlic chili sauce, all mixed with a bit of honey. Make sure you marinate the wings for a few hours to overnight to the let the flavor soak into the meat. Once you’re done grilling, finish off your plate by serving with celery, blue cheese dressing and a beverage of your choice.


Stuffed Cheese Burger

Looking to add a twist to your favorite cheese burger recipe? Look no further than the carton of eggs in your fridge. This Stuffed Cheese Burger recipe, topped off with a fried egg made right on your grill, is the perfect antidote to the boring burgers of the past. Fry your egg until the yolk has a runny consistency which makes for the perfect visual and creamy taste once you bite into it.

Think you’ve got what it takes to make the best recipes of the summer? Be sure to give these, and all of our Blue Rhino recipes, a try at future barbecues this season. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll soon be the talk of the neighborhood!

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