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Unique and Unusual Foods for the Grill

Unique and Unusual Foods for the Grill

One of the things we enjoy most about grilling is the big reveal – getting to open up the lid for friends and family to showcase all the deliciously grilled treats underneath. It’s fun to show off what you’ve worked so hard on all day, especially when you’re grilling something more interesting than the usual burgers and chicken. Make no mistake, we love the tried-and-true grilling staples, but there’s just something exciting about having other fun things to sample and share with loved ones.

Whether it’s appetizers, main dishes, or desserts, there are a number of unique and unusual foods that are even better prepared on your propane grill. Here are a couple of our favorites from each category.



Grilled olives Grilled olives – Sure, olives are great on pizza and in martinis, but on the grill? One quick peek at this simply delicious recipe will convince you to dedicate some real estate on your grill to olives. This is an appetizer that offers maximum flavor for minimal effort. Sign us up every time for the smoky, complex taste of grilled olives!
Grilled watermelon Grilled watermelon – If you’re someone who thinks fruit belongs nowhere near a grill, perhaps it’s time you reconsider. Nothing brings out the sweetness in fruit quite like grill marks, so this recipe packs a sweet punch. Be sure to season your slice with a little salt and pepper for the perfect taste!

Main Dishes

Grilled Calzones Grilled calzones – Flat pizzas are great and all, but what about a crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside pizza pocket prepared right on your grill? That’s exactly what this grilled calzone recipe gets you. Ours calls for Italian sausage, but don’t be afraid to substitute or add other ingredients. After all, it’s your unusual entrée!
Grilled Caesar salad Grilled Caesar salad – Lettuce is another one of those foods that just doesn’t seem to belong anywhere near the grill. Or does it? Grilling lettuce brings out a uniquely delicious caramelized, smoky flavor. Lettuce most certainly belongs on your grill, and a mere 2-3 minutes on each side is all it takes.


Deep fried Oreo® Deep fried Oreo® – We love it when two of our favorite things come together. For example, this deep fried Oreo® recipe that reminds us of summer days at the state fair. While these tiny delicious cookies are great on their own, there’s just something fun about frying them to golden, crunchy perfection. And don’t worry, they still taste great in cold milk!
Grilled bananas Grilled bananas – Bananas are another fruit that taste great when grilled. Elvis may have liked his on peanut butter sandwiches (a discussion we’ll save for another day), but our grilled banana recipe is simpler and equally delicious. One more thing… don’t forget the ice cream!

Preparing a great family meal on the grill is something Americans have been doing, and doing well, for decades. But on certain special occasions, or even on a random Tuesday in October, it can be fun to add an unusual item or two to the menu. Give ours a try or create your own unusual recipe. We promise we’ll never judge, but we may ask for an invitation to the next cookout.

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