The Great Grill Question: Propane vs. Charcoal, Pellet, and Electric

When you’re in the market for a new grill, fuel should be a factor in your purchase. Read our analysis of the four big fuels and why propane reigns supreme.


Summer Farm-To-Grill Recipes

Squeeze in the last bit of summer with these farm-to-grill recipes that use only what’s fresh, in season, and available at your local farmer’s market.


Unique and Unusual Foods for the Grill

It’s that time of year again to prep your grill for the warmer days ahead. Spring cleaning at its finest. Here are seven steps to maintain your gas grill!


A Griller’s Guide to the Fourth of July

Get ready for the grilling event of the year! Whether you need new recipes or expert tips, we did the dirty work so your Independence Day cookout goes as smoothly as possible.


Baseball-Themed Grill Recipes for Your Next Sunday Funday

Batter up for a Sunday of sports and fun with these grillable recipes that remind us of an afternoon at the ballpark.


Get Dad What He Really Wants for Father’s Day

Great gifts come from the heart, but the best gifts come from the grill. Use our curated Grilling Gift Guide to give Dad everything he needs to master the barbecue.


Grill Safety Tips: Propane 101

Although propane is readily available and easy to use, it’s still necessary to understand the potential dangers of flammable gas. Keep yourself and loved ones safe with these important tips.


Propane Makes Backyard Camping a Treat

Why stress yourself with planning a camping trip when you could use propane to camp in your own backyard? We planned the perfect staycation under the stars for you and your family, so you can save money without sacrificing fun.

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