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Can You Grill in the Winter?

Don't stop grilling just because winter is here! Learn how from James Brown of Grill Nation, a leading social media influencer, and, the world's leading BBQ website.
Winter Grilling Tips

Grilling Tips from James Brown at Grill Nation

  1. Have extra fuel around. As temperatures cool off, it may take a bit longer to grill the food properly.
  2. Keep a cover on the grill. This helps prevent any wear and tear. When it snows, you can remove the cover and take the snow with it.
  3. Try to prep your food inside and have your grill/smoker already lit and ready to go. Also, take your food inside once it is cooked so it can rest properly.
  4. Be sure to wear warm clothes and thick socks. This will keep you warm and comfortable. When you’re not properly dressed, you will become impatient and rush your meal.
  5. Use propane for a quick cook. It’s easier to set up and get the grill ready.

Eight Tips for Winter BBQ and Grilling from

The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t have to stop you from firing up the grill. Here are some quick tips for cold weather cooking, courtesy of the world’s largest BBQ, grilling, and griddling website,

Winter Grilling Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should You Store Your Grill in the Winter?
If possible, store your grill in a storage shed or enclosed area during winter months if it is not being used. This will protect it and your propane tank from snow, ice, and cold winds. If the grill is being kept outside, protect it with a grill cover.

How Do You Prepare Your Outdoor Grill for Winter?
First, start with a comprehensive cleaning. Ensure all extra components are removed and cleaned separately. Next, if your grill will be kept inside, disconnect it from your propane tank. If your grill will be kept outside, you are safe to keep it connected to your propane tank, just ensure it is turned off. Lastly, cover your grill with a grill cover to protect it from snow, ice, and cold weather.

What is Good to Grill in the Winter?
Some foods that are great to grill during winter months include Grilled Pumpkin, Orange and Maple Roasted Turkey, Peking Steak Bites, and more! Check out more recipes above.

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