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I'm not getting any gas from my tank. Why?

Gas may not come out of a tank for several reasons:

  • The valve may be turned on all the way
  • Improper connection
  • Faulty regulator

The OPD valve has a safety feature that sometimes restricts gas flow if the tank is turned all the way on. We recommend that you turn the tank valve one turn (360 degrees), light up, and then use smaller turns for a higher flame. The normal procedure is to turn the tank on and then turn the grill controls on, but doing this with a tank equipped with an excess flow device will sometimes cause the "check valve" to prematurely activate.


  • Turn control knob on appliance to ON or Start
  • Slowly turn the triangular hand wheel of cylinder to ON
  • Push Igniter on appliance to Light
  • Appliance should operate normally. Turn off tank after each use to avoid any further problems with the excess flow device.

In reference to the second possibility, please check to be sure your connector to the tank is over an inch long. This should be enough to push back the check valve inside the valve. If it is too short, then you will need to get another connector.

A faulty regulator will inhibit the flow of gas. We would recommend getting a new hose with regulator.


For further assistance, please call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.BLU.RINO.

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