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How do I connect my tank?

  • Use only in compliance with applicable codes.
  • Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Consult manufacturer’s instructions concerning the cylinder connection provided with your appliance.
  • Be sure regulator vent is not pointing up.
  • Turn off all valves on the appliance.
  • To Connect (see illustrations below):
    • Attach Appliance Connector (1) or (2) to Cylinder Valve (3)
    • If Connector (1), turn counter clockwise. Tighten with wrench.
    • If Connector (2), turn clockwise. Hand tighten.
    • Test for leaks: Open cylinder valve. Apply soapy water to all areas marked “X”. If bubbles appear in any location there is a leak. Close valve immediately, reconnect and test again for leaks. Proceed when no bubbles are visible.
    • Never check for leaks with a match or open flame.
  • Light appliance(s) following manufacturer's instructions.
  • When appliance is not in use, keep cylinder valve closed.
Blue Rhino Tank Connection
Blue Rhino Tank Connection

For further assistance, please call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.BLU.RINO.

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