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A Griller’s Guide to Griddles

A Griller’s Guide to Griddles

When you stop and think about it, propane is a powerful and versatile fuel for cooking. Whether you’re making a few hot dogs for the kids or preparing a gourmet feast for the whole neighborhood, gas grilling provides convenience and enjoyment that simply can’t be beat. Looking for a new way to enjoy all propane has to offer? Enter: the griddle.

A flattop griddle is a large, solid cooking surface typically made of steel. It uses direct heat and can withstand high temperatures, which is perfect for propane. There are several benefits of using griddles, such as the large surface area, easy cleanup, and consistent and evenly placed heat. Griddles can cook a wide variety of foods from short-order items you might eat in a diner to hibachi dishes in a Japanese restaurant. We’re talking about food that cooks quickly! Here are a few tasty examples:


Grilled Breakfast Skillet

Grilled Breakfast Skillet What better way to start the day than delicious breakfast skillet prepared on your grill? The hash browns, eggs, and bacon can be made quickly and easily on your favorite griddle. Then allow your guests to top with cheese, veggies, salsa, hot sauce, and more!


Greek Grilled Chicken Gyros

Greek Grilled Chicken Gyros No matter how you choose to pronounce it, the gyro is a tasty treat suitable for any time of year. Our recipe calls for chicken, onion, garlic, rosemary, oregano, and white wine. Don’t forget the tzatziki!


Grilled French Toast Bites

Grilled French Toast Bites Breakfast food is delicious any time of day, especially when prepared on your griddle. French toast bites hot off the press? Yes, please!


Griddle Taco Trio

Griddle Taco Trio Tacos are a surefire crowd-pleaser, especially when feeding a group with different tastes. Try this trio of chicken, beef, and pork tacos for a plate of flavor that will leave everyone feeling full.


Looking for more? Check out our full library of griddle recipes. And don’t forget the Blue Rhino propane! Don’t let yourself run out – not when there are thousands of Blue Rhino propane exchange locations across the country and Blue Rhino Home Delivery is available in select areas.

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