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Why You Should Make These Delicious Recipes on Your Griddle

Why You Should Make These Delicious Recipes on Your Griddle

Talk to any grill master and they’ll tell you there’s one underrated grill accessory that takes your meal to the next level. When you think of a griddle, you might associate it with restaurant-quality food, or even the smaller, more portable versions you use to cook your hearty pancake, egg, and bacon breakfast inside your kitchen. But griddles, which are known for their versatility, might be best used in your own backyard.

These flat cooking surfaces differ slightly from what you might think of as a traditional grill. They can come as a detachable accessory, placed directly on your grill grates, or be built into your grill. But, no matter how you enjoy making your meals, it’s no secret that adding a griddle to your cooking arsenal will make you the star of the show.

Before we give you some of our top recipes to toss on your favorite new device, it’s important to understand why so many people prefer griddles in the first place.


What Are The Benefits of Cooking With A Griddle?

Arguably, the best part of grilling is just how many different ways you can make a meal, and using a griddle introduces a new and convenient method to preparing those tasty dishes we all love. There are plenty of advantages that come with grilling on a flat surface that doesn’t have any grates or ridges. Here’s how griddles give you grilling peace of mind.

1. Larger Surface Area

For those who own full-sized griddles, the biggest benefit of a griddle is the sheer amount of space you have to work with. Gone are the days of having to struggle to find a spot to place your veggies, or constantly shifting the position of your burgers before they’re done. With a griddle, you can spread out all your meats, vegetables, side dishes and so much more without worrying about space, or if something might fall through the grill’s grates. Ultimately, that means you’re able to make all your food quicker and serve those hungry friends and family members you invited over!

2. Strong Direct Heat

Most griddles are either steel or cast iron – both of which are great for conducting heat. More importantly though, because griddles do not have any grates, the entire surface area can heat up to your desired temperature, allowing you to cook with a strong direct heat no matter where you place the food. This will especially come in handy when working with foods that require a high minimum internal temperature, like chicken or turkey.

3. Easy Clean Up Process

Let’s face it. The least enjoyable part of grilling is cleaning up afterwards. Luckily, griddles eliminate a lot of the hard work that previously went into maintaining your grill’s grates. However, griddles still require special care. Check out our step-by-step video for How to Season Your Griddle and other proper griddle cleaning and maintenance tips! Much like your traditional grill, it’s important to clean the griddle while it’s still hot. This makes it easier to scrape off the excess grease or food debris that is left behind.

Griddles are definitely gaining in popularity for their versatility because you can cook a lot of different items. Whether it’s foods like rice, veggies, or even breakfast items, you can use the griddle in ways you wouldn't be able to cook on a traditional grill alone.


Mouthwatering Recipes to Make On Your Griddle

Few things in this world rival a great recipe that you’ve been waiting to break out at the right moment. Add in a griddle and you take that recipe to new heights. Here are our ultimate griddle-friendly recipes you can make for just about every occasion.

1. Whole Wheat Pancakes (Courtesy of Bull Outdoor Products)

Breakfast is served thanks to this yummy Whole Wheat Pancake recipe. After one bite of these decadent and fluffy flapjacks, your taste buds will be thankful you have a griddle. The most important meal of the day isn’t one you can skip, and luckily, these pancakes will have you coming back for more every single morning. Like any pancake recipe, the key to this one is creating a smooth and tasty batter. Mix your dry and wet ingredients separately, then combine them using a wire whisk. Be sure to preheat your griddle on medium heat, and when you’re ready, pour one third of a cup of batter onto the hot griddle in a circular shape. Once the pancakes are done, serve with this sweet Rhubarb Strawberry Sauce, fresh whipped cream, and just picked mint from the garden before devouring immediately!

2. Grilled Cheese

If you’re like us, you’ve been eating grilled cheese sandwiches since you were just a kid. There’s something so satisfying about taking your first bite and hearing that loud crunch as you get a mouthful of toasted bread and melty cheese. The best part about our Grilled Cheese recipe is that it brings back that nostalgic feeling thanks to the wonders of your griddle. All you need is three ingredients – bread, butter, and cheese – to make the ultimate sandwich. While your griddle is preheating, spread a generous amount of butter on one side of each slice of bread. Once your griddle reaches a medium heat, place the bread butter side down and add a couple slices of your favorite deli-style cheese. After a few minutes, you should see some eye-catching griddle marks on your thick bread slices, meaning you’re ready to enjoy your masterpiece. Close your eyes when you take your first bite and you might even feel like you’re back in your childhood home eating dinner after a fun day at the park!

3. Italian Smash Burger Napoleon (Courtesy of

Burgers on the grill are a classic, but toss them on the griddle, and you’ll be even more impressed with the way they turn out. As you’ve probably seen at your favorite fast food restaurant, the best burgers are made on a large griddle and are cooked to perfection. With this Italian Smash Burger recipe, you get that restaurant-quality taste without having to leave your own home. What makes this burger unique, however, isn’t the meat or the cheese; it’s the heaping pile of toppings you can add to give it a signature taste. You name it, and this burger probably has it. After you’ve cooked the burger to perfection on your griddle, place a patty on large lettuce leaves and top with a tablespoon of Spinach-Lemon Pesto, a tablespoon of Beef Jerky Marmalade, ricotta cheese, a second patty, and then repeat the process. Made with those who have gluten allergies in mind, the lettuce leaves serve as great substitutes for buns and give your burger even more of that Italian taste. Keep this recipe in mind for your next cookout!

4. Spicy Lime Grilled Prawns

You may not live on the coast, but thanks to this Spicy Lime Grilled Prawns recipe, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of seafood country! Your griddle will be the star of the show when you’re making this dish, and you’ll be real thankful that you don’t have to struggle with constantly unwrapping aluminum foil, or worry about prawns falling through your grill’s grates. As the name would lead you to believe, this recipe cranks up the spice levels, but uses the acidic lime flavor to cut the heat to a very enjoyable taste. When you begin prepping the ingredients, make sure to place the lime juice, Chile pepper, garlic, ginger, and onion in a food processor or blender, and process until it’s smooth. A little oil will also go a long way to help with the blending process. A little patience is also required for this recipe. Once you pour your mix of spices and seasonings over your prawns, cover them and refrigerate for four hours, allowing them to marinate. When ready, brush your cooking surface with oil and cook the prawns for about five minutes, or until they’re opaque. The wait will definitely be worth it!


Blue Rhino Can Fuel Your Next Grilling Adventure

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