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High-Heat Grilling

Otto Wilde grill searing a steak on a brown table and a black background.

Otto Wilde LiteMany backyard chefs dream of grilling a steak that's better than anything served at an expensive steakhouse.

Restaurant chefs know that the secret to grilling a great steak is high heat - very high heat. Not every grill can reach the high temperature needed to sear a beautiful crust while bringing the inside temperature to a perfect doneness.

The Otto Grill is a 1500°F overhead grill, which took the grilling technique used by the nation's top notch steakhouses for decades, and put it into a convenient and thought-out design for home use, bringing the steakhouse steak experience to your house.

Today, they are growing in popularity among backyard chefs. The award-winning Otto Grill, designed in Germany, is just such a grill. It can achieve temperatures of up to 1500°F, allowing you to cook juicy, tender and flavorful steakhouse-caliber steaks right in your own backyard.

Otto Wilde Lite BurgersThe Otto Grill features dual radiant OverFire™ burners which reach 1500°F in just 3 minutes. Where conventional grills can take longer to heat up and cook, Otto's Radiant Technology radiates infrared waves directly into the food, allowing for higher steak-searing temperatures and faster cooking while taking food-drying out of the equation.

Best of all, Otto Grills can be powered by Blue Rhino propane, making it a perfect addition to your backyard suite of grilling equipment.

Otto Wilde LogoFor more info about the Otto Grill, visit

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